Numbers are all around us, and both the qualitative and the quantitative elements of life can be described using numbers.

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Yes, numbers are all around us, but what’s the actual significance of numbers? What does it mean when you keep gazing at your watch at 3.33, 11.33, or 7.33? Is there more to these numbers? Well, it would appear that’s the case.

According to the experts in numerology and astrology, numbers have meaning and seeing any of the numbers 0-9 often, in single, double, or triple digits is not a coincidence.

Whether you find that your lucky number keeps popping up in the weirdest of places or if your days seem to be filled with a certain digit, the cosmos is calling out to you, and it’s time for you to listen keenly.

It’s believed that there is an esoteric power in digits. To make sense of all this, let’s dive into numerology.

What is numerology?

What is numerology?

Numerology refers to the mystical study of numbers. This study and the associated beliefs in astrology share the belief that the zodiac signs and the planets are all connected to some very special attributes in astrology.

The teachings of numerology show that specific numbers portray specific themes and traits, offering a lot of insights into future events, personality, and even an individual’s greater purpose in life.

The numerology studies also indicate the numbers you could be seeing reveal your soul’s age.

For years, studies by different groups have come to a consensus, that numbers are of significance in our lives and through the numbers bear subtle differences in meaning depending on who you ask, they all tend to point to the fact that you can tell your future fortune or explain your personality once you’ve identified your number.

Thanks to the significance and the powers of these numbers, they’re also called life path numbers or destiny numbers.

History of numerology

While the Chinese numerology studies date back over 4,000 years ago, it would appear that the kind of numerology practiced today results from the teachings of the great Greek Philosopher, Pythagoras.

A brilliant mathematician, Pythagoras was interested in more than the quantitative solutions around numbers. Pythagoras held the belief that the world was made up of energetic vibrations held in numbers.

To this end, he came up with a system which matched letters with the integers and named his study numerical interconnectivity.

One of the most common factors in numerology is that numbers contribute a unique vibration which influences the story of your life.

It’s also important to note that the numerological studies posit that if the universe, as a system, were broken down, we’d be left with its basic elements – numbers. Being the basic elements, the numbers help us understand the world and ourselves better.

Finding meaning in numbers

Finding meaning in numbers

The numbers that determine your personality, life purpose, goals, personality, compatibility, negative traits, or expected challenges are called life path numbers. These numbers have different meanings, and they have different interpretations.

Life Path Number 1number 1, just like Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. In numerology, it signifies initiation and action, and individuals on this life path number tend to have a pioneering spirit, they exude independence, as well as innate leadership abilities. On the flipside, these individuals could be boastful, arrogant, bossy, and others hide their insecurities behind the feelings of self-importance.

Number 2 – this number is linked with balance, harmony, and sensitivity. The vibrations of this number will give the individuals roles in mediation because it’s their life purpose to create harmony.

This vibration requires individuals on life to bring together discordant forces using kindness, compassion, and empathy. Number 2 is also linked to a higher level of intuition and psychic abilities with affected individuals showing astute/ subtle shifts in energy and emotions. 2s are also conflict-averse because of their sensitivity.

The other element associated with 2s is balance, and individuals need not seek validation from others but work on perfecting the state of equilibrium that already exists.

Number 3 – this number signifies that communication is critical for the involved parties. 3 is the representation of two powerful forces joined together, which is also the essence of creation.

3s are great at expressing themselves, and if you let them, they will never stop sharing details of pioneering concepts or innovative ideas. They’re also great orators, writers or artists inspired by their work.

3s are, however, moody, they’re misunderstood, and they withdraw most of the time completely.

Number 4 – 4s hold a lot of earth energy. These individuals will spend a lot of time fortifying their roots. Since they’re the most adamant believer of the physical world, they work on building legacies.

They’re also hardworking, responsible, and practical, though they could also come off as rigid.

Number 5 – 5s are free-thinkers, progressive, and adventurous minds who have to engage their five senses often. 5s also come off as impulsive, playful, vivacious, impatient, and restless. Read this article on the life path number 5.

Number 6 – individuals with number 6 vibrations are supportive, nurturing, and empathic, with a very gentle approach, softness, and tenderness. They’re also quite domineering and very controlling.

Number 7 – 7s hold powerful analytical and investigative skills and abilities. They show attentiveness to details, they hold a significant amount of inner wisdom, and they also have an inventive spirit. 7s will, however, assume fault.

Number 8 – the vibrations around number 8 are all about abundance. The 7s are goal-oriented, ambitious, and they assume leadership positions easily.

With the power and the need for excellence, they’re workaholics, and they can be very controlling/ possessive.

Number 9 – 9s are old souls and no strangers to the ups and downs of life. 9s are meant to reach the highest possible state of consciousness while helping others to attain spiritual awareness.

This is a tough vibration to live in, and individuals must learn how to strike a balance. More on number 9 here.

Master Numbers

In numerology, there are master numbers which connote more power. These vibrations are more powerful, and they’re intended to reinforce the importance of a task or the need to attain a specific goal. Master numbers include 11, 22, and 33.

Importance of Numerology

  • This study helps you know or understand yourself better
  • It strengthens relationships while ensuring that you partner up with the right partner, or in the very least, understand why your past relationships worked out the way they did.
  • Thanks to numerology, you will decipher the signs from the universe easily.
<em><strong>The other reasons for the numbers you see include:</strong></em>
  • Global/ cosmic consciousness
  • Angel-guided messaging
  • Awakening
  • Binary DNA activation

Law of Attraction and Numerology

One of the main reasons why numerology and the practices around numerology have gained popularity is that you could use numerology to align yourself with abundance in its unlimited frequency.

You could also use numerology to anticipate different, challenging, and life-changing encounters, as well as engross yourself in its power to decipher the meanings of different mystical experiences or synchronicities.

You could also use numerology to uncover the meaning of your birthdate or your lucky number.

Why? Is numerology this powerful? Well, this appears to be the case, especially when numerology is combined with the Law of Attraction.

Used appropriately, these two elements create more prosperity and wealth.

Numerology and the Law of Attraction could help you uncover your life’s purpose and destiny. You could also use it to uncover life lessons and challenges.

The Law of Attraction

According to the laws of attraction or LOA, you can attract into your life the things you focus your attention on, regardless of your nationality, age, or religious beliefs.

We’re all susceptible to these universal laws.

The interesting bit about the law of attraction is that it makes use of the power of the mind then it translates whatever you have in mind into reality.

Basically, all your thoughts will eventually turn into things, and if you focus on the negative gloom and doom, that’s how your life will be, and if you focus on positive thoughts and goals, you will achieve those goals.

Despite these beliefs, the law of attraction remains one of life’s greatest mysteries with few people aware of the impact of this law of the universe.

The law of attraction affects your everyday life, whether you know it or not. In every second of your existence, you’re a human magnet that sends out thoughts and emotions, while also attracting back what you put out to the universe.

The law of attraction dates back to the teachings of Buddha, who taught widely that you become what you teach. Over time, this belief spread to western cultures, along with the term karma.

Poets and artists like Blake, Emerson, Shakespeare, Beethoven, and Isaac Newton believed in the law of attraction, and they showed this in their work.

The convergence of the LOA & Numerology

The convergence of the LOA & Numerology

You might not know this, but manifestations through numbers have a way of accelerating success. Your path to abundance and success could be paved, but through numerology, you’re guided in the right direction.

For the most people who believe in astrology, numerology, and the law of attraction, focusing on the things you want will result in the magical appearance of those things even if you don’t work hard on them or know what they are.

But the truth is that this information is mostly misguided and you could miss out on a lot in life if you only believe in numerology or the universal law of attraction.

By working hard towards your goals, the law of attraction will act as the push to your objectives, and numerology is the compass that guides you.

While these forces play a significant role in your road to abundance, you are 100% responsible for creating the life you dream of or what you believe you deserve.

How to use the law of attraction?

  • The manifestation of love and loving relationships – you can do this by working on your charisma, confidence, as well as your overall subconsciousness. Basically, you can use this law to enhance your willingness to receive love or attract your real soulmate
  • Attracting wealth and money – the attraction of financial abundance is one of the biggest uses of the law of attraction, but the sad bit is that many people are obsessed with the idea of being rich, and this obsession borders vanity and greed. But, as long as you work on things from your end and think positive thoughts, you will attract abundance.
  • You could also harness the powers that lie in the law of attraction to enhance your physical and mental health.
  • Besides the law of attraction, you should be aware of the other forces in play like the law of action, the law of vibration, the law of cause and effect, and the law of Divine Oneness. These laws guide our lives, whether we’re aware or not.


Numerology, your spirituality, and the law of attraction are three important elements of your self-development.

For example, knowledge of your life path number and your life purpose could be beneficial in that you will be able to work on your shortcomings and come up with more solid plans to help you achieve your goals.

With self-development being one of the most important things for you to work on for career development, wealth, and even fruitful relationships, numerology plays a huge role in your life, even when you don’t think much into it.

Physical, mental health, and your self-confidence will also be improved by the law of attraction, as well as numerology.


Numerology and the law of attraction, as well as your spirituality, come together to guide your life. Besides learning your strengths from numerology, you will also be aware of your shortcomings.

The smart thing to do with this knowledge is to work on overcoming your shortcomings to mold a better human.

While there is a lot of ongoing research into numerology and astrology, it’s clear that the vibrations of numbers could hold the key to your success later in life.

Keep in mind that numerology guides your life while the law of attraction works to speed up your success.