5 Signs that a Virgo Man Isn’t into You

It can be difficult to tell if a guy is interested in you.

Men can be a little complex, especially shy men (like Virgo).

If you want to build or maintain a relationship, it is important to know where you stand with him.

You don’t want your energy wasted on a guy that’s not as into you.

Read on if you are having trouble deciding if the Virgo guy you have in your life is interested.

1. He won’t give his signature gaze to you

When it comes to showing interest or building attraction, Virgo men are careful. To show his interest, Virgo prefers to use a low-risk quality of him – that’s his signature, perceptive gaze.

Although his gaze is not as intense and focused as that of a Scorpios, it is still distinctive. With soft puppy dog eyes, he looks intently at the topic of interest. It makes you feel loved and cared for, but also unnerved.

You won’t get this look if he doesn’t care about you. He will likely avoid eye contact with your face and be impatient if you attempt to make eye contact.

2. He doesn’t seem to be interested in speaking with you

Men of Virgo are bright and active and love to converse and talk. He is particularly good at communicating with his crushes. His crush will text, call, and hang out with him constantly, seeming to never run out of topics to discuss or questions to ask.

He will not be in love with someone if he isn’t. He won’t talk about anything. He will not engage with you or ask questions.

You can usually tell if he isn’t interested in you by asking specific questions. You can ask him interesting questions if you are familiar with his interests or hobbies. It is possible to ask specific questions about the topic. He loves sharing details. You can assume that he isn’t interested in your inquiry if he doesn’t show any interest.

The bottom line is that he may have lost interest in you or stopped speaking with you.

3. He won’t help you with anything

Virgo is the sign that represents service. Virgo men love to help their families, friends, and crushes.

If he truly cares about you, he will help with chores, nutrition advice, home projects, and work projects. He will take an interest in you and keep track of your activities so he can be there if necessary.

If he doesn’t like you, there will be a lack of energy. He won’t be interested in your life, or in what you have to do. He won’t try and steer you toward healthy living, although he does love to do so.

If you’ve been spending time together and he’s not offering to help, it is because he doesn’t want to give up on you. This is a clear sign that he doesn’t see a future with you.

He is not trying to give you false hope for a future relationship, but he will hold off on his desire to help. He is trying to let you know that there is no future together.

4. He is always available to you

The Virgo men are very organized and prefer to stick to a strict schedule.

He is very selective about the people he will spend his time with. He is also an introvert, and he values his time alone more than most people.

If they are an important part of his life, no one should expect him not to make time for them.

He won’t change his routine to accommodate you if he isn’t interested in you. This is something he rarely does with a lover, since he needs to get comfortable.

If he isn’t interested in you, he may change his schedule to avoid your company. If he does this, it’s a sign that he isn’t interested in you. In an effort to avoid running into you, he could quit going to the same places he frequents as you or make other changes to his daily routine.

It is futile to try to get him to spend time with you. You will always have a reason to cancel or avoid you. He may say that he is busy, has plans, has lots to do, or that he has no time. He is very careful with his time and will not waste it on anyone he considers unnecessary to his life or future plans.

5. He won’t even try to conceal his lack of interest when asked.

Virgo men don’t like playing games and are constantly aware of where others stand with them.

He may be avoiding you or not interested in you because he wants you to fall apart. He isn’t malicious and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

It’s worth asking your man if he feels the same way if you are really in love with him. Virgos are not fond of hiding feelings and don’t like to pretend they are. It might be a relief to him to admit that he isn’t into you.

He is direct and pragmatic with all things, so he may even go out of the way to tell you that he has lost interest in your life.

You can ask him why he isn’t interested in you if you want to find out. He is honest and very aware of details about his evaluations of others.


Although Virgo men are extremely loving and committed once they have made a commitment, it can be difficult to attract them. You can learn how to make him trust you and get his approval by reading my course on how you can attract Virgo men.