7 Tips to Make Taurus Men Love You Like Crazy

You want a Taurus man to think about you and miss you?

Do you want to attract a Taurean man into your life? Are you looking to spice up a relationship you have with a Taurus man?

These tips will help you appeal to his Taurean, earthy nature and make him pine every day.

Let’s move on to the tips!

1. Demonstrate self-confidence and self-esteem

Taurus, the sign of self-esteem according to the zodiac is a good choice. You’ll need lots of it to get his attention and make him want you.

He is attracted to a strong, self-possessed woman, who is intelligent, bright, and independent. He values looks (Venus rulership), but he is most attracted to someone who can withstand the challenges of life.

Show him you are a source of inner strength and have the wisdom to help her navigate life with grace. You can show him you are solid and confident in your inner truth. He won’t be able to see you if you are too passive or coy.

It is not a good idea to appear needy or eager for Taurus to make a commitment. He values patience, especially when it comes to courtship. He also likes it when you are open to him and willing to connect at his own pace. He responds well to feminine receptivity.

2. You can be a symbol of maturity and self-sufficiency

Taurus loves to be the provider and manager of the relationship. However, he is also attracted to reliable women who are capable of managing the same things.

Show him you are a professional and have a smooth running life. This will make him miss you. You can balance family, work, fun and work and you are consistent and punctual every day.

Taurus men are a grounded, fixed earth sign. They like to observe how reality-aware a woman is. In the end, he is usually looking for a wife. He can settle down with someone he trusts. Someone with whom he can grow old and build a family. Someone he can trust.

Let him see glimpses of you as the reliable catch that he has always longed for. He’ll chase after you and beg you to come back whenever you aren’t there.

3. Look stunning

The appearances of Taurus men can stimulate them. He is ruled by Venus so he prefers healthy, balanced women. However, he can also have a lot passion and sexual energy. He will remember you if you are wearing something sexy and racy, and he will think about you even if he is alone.

Make sure you look your best when you are going to be around him.

Taurus is not a sign to be cheap or tacky. Try to wear a stylish, elegant look with a little flair. You should also ensure that your clothes are stylish and inspire confidence in you.

Taurus also loves fragrance. You can try putting a little bit of your favorite perfume around Taurus to see if he likes it. You can then spray some of your favorite perfume onto him. Your scent will linger on his mind and he will not be able to forget you when he returns home.

4. Emanate peaceful energy

Taurus men love simple pleasures in their lives. He enjoys long sunset walks, good food and good wine.

People who are erratic and fight for the sake of fighting are a big turnoff. He isn’t a fan of people who are too hot or cold, and he doesn’t like playing games.

He seeks peace and a partner who is there for him, enjoying every moment. He loves to laugh and enjoys having fun. Taurus can be quite silly. Taurus can be very silly. He wants someone who is laid back and has a relaxed sense of connection.

He will never feel rushed. He won’t miss a woman anxious about connection in the beginning of a relationship or friendship. As he does with all things in life, he takes his time when committing to someone. He must be able to see you and have room to do so. He will be attracted to a woman who is calm and self-driven.

5. Show him lots of admiration

Taurus is a person who loves to be appreciated by others. He is a slow but determined man. He will always think of a woman who inspires him and makes him feel successful and brilliant.

Surprise Taurus when you are with him. Ask for his opinion on things and then listen attentively when he replies. Taurus is a quiet, thoughtful individual. Taurus is very calm and steady, and hates being interrupted.

Always be available to him when he needs it. He enjoys flattery, especially when compliments are thoughtful and unique. He will miss you more the more specific you are with your compliments.

6. Be honest and authentic.

Taurus desires to surround himself with people who are deep and grounded in their own selves.

Taurus doesn’t like people who make a show or act smug. Taurus is able to smell BS from afar and will call out people about it.

He will be drawn to you if he feels it. If you are open and honest about your passions, interests, and quirks, it will be easier to get his attention. He might not be able to connect with you if you aren’t there.

He is attracted to anyone who is unique and confident with their own abilities. He will remember you as the woman who passionately reveals her truth.

If you love him, don’t be afraid of getting a little bit touchy. He is a lover of touch and will appreciate your efforts to be closer to him. This will reduce his defenses and bring him closer to you.

7. You can add a touch of intrigue to your life by being a bit mysterious

A man will notice you if you are a little mysterious.

Taurus is not one to be played with lightly. Taurus doesn’t like people who are cold and distant.

Do not play games to make him jealous of you or chase you. He will see right through it and be put off.

Be open and playful but not too teasing or withholding. You might be a bit difficult to reach and understand. You want him to be more curious about you.

You should limit your availability to him. It is a mistake to be always available to your crush or partner. Taurus will grow fonder of you if there is enough spark to create more attraction. He will miss you and feel your importance if he doesn’t see you often.

Remember that Taurus is looking for love. Taurus wants to find a partner that he can work for and build a lasting relationship with. You will make him more loyal if you slow down and draw him closer to yourself. Don’t rush him into thinking about you or chasing after you in your excitement. You can be a prize to him and he will feel attracted to you.


These are seven ways to make the Taurus man think about you, and miss you when you’re gone.

What did you think about the list? Did I miss any information about the Taurean man? Are you able to share any of your experiences? Please leave a comment below with your experiences!