8 Signs A Soul Mate Is Coming

Everybody has a soul mate somewhere in the world with whom they are so compatible that they share a powerful bond.

The love that binds them is strong enough to withstand distance, time, and every other challenge. There is an extraordinary thing about sharing your life with someone who truly accepts and appreciates you.

So how do you know that it is time for revelation?

Signs that you are about to meet your Soul Mate

Believe it or not, there are usually tell-tale signs that your single life is soon coming to an end. Here is a walk through them:

  • You start taking more time than before in grooming yourself and taking care of every minor detail of your appearance. It is believed that the moment you begin taking care of yourself in this manner, your soul mate, wherever they are, will be doing the same thing in anticipation of meeting you.
  • Dreaming about your soul mate is another sign that one is just about to meet them. Most people will not remember the dream by the time they wake up instead; however, they will wake up feeling happy and content. After such romantic dreams, those who manage to carry this contentment feeling throughout the day will realize that it helps them to focus their energy on the manifestation of the dream in real life. There have been instances where people, upon finally meeting their soul mates recall the same faces from the dreams.
  • Some days when you will see romance-related scenes at every corner in your path. It could be adorable lovers holding hands or kissing, romantic captions in magazines or movies on TV. You could overhear a couple’s conversation or hear a romantic song. The thing is, it will not just happen in one place, the events will be everywhere you turn, unlike your usual mundane day. It is like love scenes are competing in bursting before your sight! You get a feeling that all these things are reaching out to you and succeeding in pricking your conscience. This is more than a coincidence. It is a sign that your soul mate is just around the corner!
  • You suddenly discover the purpose of your life, and you start trying out new things. It could be

    anything, from singing or playing musical instruments to going to the gym. You realize you are becoming less self-centered as your view widens to embrace new opportunities. This is not a fad, but your sub-conscious working with you to disentangle you from your comfort zone to the place you will be ready to complement your potential significant other.

  • You get a clear realization of what you want. Everyone has particular values they look for in a mate – a sort of blueprint of your ideal partner that covers how they should look, talk, their size, among other traits. However, what we think we want may be what has led us into wrong relationships in the past. . For instance, you might think that you would be happy with a tall, soft-spoken person, but the essence of what you seek is a sense of kindness and positivity. This realization becomes the missing link between you and your soul mate.
  • A sudden burst of energy comes your way. You might wake up in a light mood that makes you happy for no apparent reason. This positive boost in your spirit happens because your spirit has sensed the nearness of your soul mate.
  • You feel totally healed from past relationships and ready for a new one. So many times we have taken

    the blame for wrongs we never committed. At this juncture, you stop blaming yourself for past broken relationships or taking a lashing for why they never worked. Instead, you start seeing them as experiences you ought to draw lessons from.

  • This way, you come up with a solid strategy on how to handle a relationship should you get involved in one again. It’s just a matter of time before the unveiling of your soul mate.
  • Many times things happen when we least expect them. The moment you stop concentrating on finding a soul mate and move on with bettering your life, he/she will start figuring out how to find you. When you fully concentrate on yourself, you tend to cultivate a sense of confidence, and people around you begin to notice that you do not need anyone else to help you manage things. You are focused and know what you are doing. You are rarely overwhelmed, and you are always content. Who wouldn’t want to know such a person? Since you are busy organizing your life, you will never know that you are attracting people’s attention. Before you know it, your love life will already fall in place.

In short, when you feel ready for lasting commitment, whenever something that is of significance to you needs to be done and you see no reason for not doing it immediately – you just find you must get it done, now then you know your soul mate is coming.

Could your Soul Mate be already under your nose?

A soul mate does not come in a gift box, neither must they come romantically at the outset. You may have already met your soul mate, but you have no idea that it happened. How can you tell this is the case?

• You have seen this person at their worst, but it doesn’t bother you

• You care for each other so much that at times you feel each other’s pain

• You feel so free with you can let your gourd down and still be yourself

• You see the fact that they came into your life to teach you a valuable lesson

• You can hear their silent thoughts

• It feels like you have crossed paths before

• You have similar life goals

• You could be different, but you somehow balance each other out

The power of Numerology can also help you discover if your soul mate is coming:


Whether or not you have found your soul mate, it is important to appreciate true love and treat your partner with the respect they deserve.

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