8 Signs that an Aries man likes you

Aries men are direct and flirty, but they can also be more sensitive than they realize. It can be difficult to gauge their interest. Fear of hurting someone else can lead to them hiding how much they love a woman.

Aries men can be difficult to read because they are likely to have a lot of people in their daily lives. Are you feeling cheated on by him? Or maybe he is just a normal flirtatious guy. It’s not always easy to tell.

This article will provide you with the essential insights to help you understand this guy’s mind and how he reacts when he has a crush.

1. His eyes are fixed on you

Aries men tend to be direct and aggressive. His eyes are a great indicator of his fierce attraction. Aries’s eyes are the window into the soul. If he is passionate about someone, his eyes will bore deeply into them.

If he likes your company, his eyes will be drawn to you. When you are not looking, he will look at you often. He will likely make eye contact with you if your eyes meet. You might feel his intensity and be taken aback by it.

You can test your attraction by locking eyes with him, or catching him looking at you. You will notice a strong reaction in him to your appearances.

Check to see if he is glancing at your face while you are talking to him. This will tell you if you are enjoying yourself. It’s a sign that he cares about you.

Notice if you are in a group and there is something that’s funny or exciting. If he is, he will look at the other people to see if they have a reaction. This is another sign of his interest.

8 Signs that an Aries man likes you

2. He will go out of his way for you to be complimented

Aries men are more straightforward when it comes to dating. They will compliment a woman in a direct and clear way to make their feelings known.

His compliments are usually genuine. He doesn’t want you to be a gamer and just wants you to feel good. He will give you some prominent compliments if he likes your personality. Most likely, he will compliment your appearance first. This makes sense as these guys are usually fit and conscious of their bodies. He may compliment your clothes, your body, or any other distinctive features.

As time goes by, he will begin to appreciate your humor, your personality and any skills that you have displayed. He loves competent partners.

If he is giving you genuine compliments beyond your physical appearance, you have definitely captured his attention!

3. He makes you laugh like crazy

Aries men are playful flirts and impulsive. While most men can get over schoolyard teasing, Aries men will often engage in it with the woman they are interested in.

He will not bully you or pick on your in a rude manner (unless he is an asshole, insecure or an asshole). His flirtatious, direct teasing is not a bad thing. Imagine a sibling rivalry.

He will playfully ridicule and taunt you and encourage you to make it a game. He’ll tell you if there is a particular habit that you think is strange or stupid. A man can tease you, rather than immediately falling at your feet or expressing his love.

Your Aries man has been teasing you. Engage in a lively debate. Calm him. Watch how things escalate. If he is interested in you, tensions will escalate (in a positive way). Keep it lighthearted, playful and don’t forget to laugh.

4. He touches you a lot

You can now have fun teasing and getting along well. If he likes your company, he will start to take things to the next level with you. Aries is very conscious of physical expression. Aries is visceral, action-oriented and physically inspired.

Perhaps he will start by using light touch. He might sit down or stand near you, and then press his body into yours. Perhaps he will rest his hand on your shoulder, or on the side of your head. He might rub his hand on yours. He will do it “by accident” or find an excuse.

As you grow closer, he may offer to massage you or engage in arm wrestling, play fighting, or full-on playful grappling.

By getting physical with him, you can always test his desire to be physically close to you. If he responds enthusiastically to you, it’s likely that he likes your company. You’re having an impact on him, even if he pulls back or flinches.

5. He will be there for you every day

Aries men are known for their speed in courtship. He will not just tell you straight up that he is into you. Instead, he will include you in his plans. Spending a lot of time together can speed up the process and increase your familiarity.

He will give you many opportunities to get together with him and share his life. You’ll feel that he is thinking of you. Aries men are active and have busy lives.

You might be invited to sporting events, social gatherings, family gatherings or outdoor adventures by the man.

He’ll likely invite you to something that requires a lot of physical effort. A typical Aries man wants a partner who is keen on fitness. You might be tempted to go on an extreme sport binge or long hike with him to test your resolve.

Aries men with feelings for you may also try to be involved in your daily life. You can count on him to assist you with any task, even if it is something that allows him to show his strength and endurance. How do you move to a new apartment? Moving to a new apartment might be something that an Aries man would prefer to do by himself if he is feeling sexy about you.

6. He displays his pride in front of you

Aries men are strong, masculine and proud to display their talents. He is a sexy, impulsive man who loves to be with someone. He loves to work for the affection of the people he likes.

You will notice that he is making an effort to impress you by displaying his strength, resolve, talents and determination.

He may perform dangerous stunts, or brag about his past accomplishments. He’s likely to impress you, even if it’s not because of his show.

7. He can become self-conscious and indecisive around your family

Yes, Aries is the typical masculine fire sign energy. He’s determined to rule the world. However, many of these men are sensitive and fear being viewed as weak in comparison to the image they project to others.

An Aries man who has a crush on you might be a little more hesitant than his self-assured confidence. He may instead approach indirectly, become shy, or even tongue-tied. He could also be rude and harsh, which is a result of the same insecurity. After initially being strong, he may start to avoid you.

He may be afraid of rejection if he exhibits strong reactions. Try giving him lots of support and choosing signals. This will help him warm up and be a confident flirt.

8. He shows signs of jealousy and possessiveness

Aries men are highly competitive and territorial towards the people they love. He might try to dominate your energy when you are with him. You might be “boxed out” by him using his body language or his energy.

Flirting with a man close to you can be a good way to test whether he is attracted to your woman. You can be sure that an Aries man will react positively to you if he likes you. Although it might not be immediate and he may recover in a matter of seconds, it will happen. Be sure to double-check. You will see a mixture of competitive anger and despair on his face.


There’s a good chance your Aries man has at least one of these signals. Ask him if you want to be sure. Aries men love boldness in women.

It’s possible that he doesn’t like you. However, I promise you that asking him whether he is into you or would like to go out with you won’t be too difficult. Although you might get a little bit hurt, you could still end up being great friends.