Expert Tips to Sexually Satisfy Cancer Men in the Bedroom

Cancer is the sign that drives you sexually and sensually the most. He is exciting, sensual, and alluring. To truly love him, it takes an entire immersion experience.

Although he is a skilled lover, he has greater emotional needs than the average man. To fully enjoy his sexual potential, you will need to be his partner.

Here’s all the information you need for a fulfilling and happy sex relationship with your Cancer man.

You should read and understand this article carefully. When you are both sexually satisfied, everything else will flow more easily.

Okay, let’s move on.

1. Your curves are beautiful and you can show off your feminine side.

Cancer men love feminine, feminine women who have that girlish charm.

Your feminine qualities will make him swoon. Wear your favourite lipstick and lingerie. He loves hair that is loose. Be feminine and submissive, but don’t be afraid. Trust me, he’ll gobble it up.

It is important to feel comfortable in all you do to improve your femininity. Comfort is key to good sex with Cancer.

2. You can create romantic, dreamy vibes

Cancer men are romantic lovers who love romance. He is a deeply devoted lover because of his emotional water sign and penchant to bond with others.

This man is a traditionalist. He will love classic romance and passion, unless he has strong Uranus and Aquarius. He is the brave knight who will sweep you off your feet. He wants to “take you” and completely ravish you – and he knows exactly how to do that.

Let him indulge in his fantasies and enjoy a generous dose of romance.

This atmosphere can be created by:

  • Scented candles/incense/essential oils
  • Mood lighting
  • Massage oils
  • Flowers
  • Fine food and wine

Playful obstacles can be a clever way to increase sexual tension.

He likes to be the gallant knight who conquers you and sweeps your feet off your feet. Playfully pretend that you are hard-pressed to make it seem like you have a lot of work ahead of you. With a wink, act like or you don’t want him to ravish your love tonight.

You’ll be a wild man for him, I promise.

3. Enjoy his passion for foreplay

You’ve created a romantic atmosphere with romance and added atmospheric touches.

Let’s increase the sexual tension. Enjoy some sexual indulgence and get closer to him.

Foreplay with the Cancer guy is a time to have fun and be patient. The Cancer man doesn’t like to be rushed, and neither should you. He is sensitive and moon-ruled. He doesn’t rush to reach the main event or the finish like most men. He likes the slow build.

Slowly build the connection to honor his patience and sensuality with sensual massages, deep kissing and passionate oral sex.

Breast cancer rules, so pay attention to your breasts. Enjoy your breasts and pay attention to his pecs.

2. Show affection and emotion

It’s important to have a mutual emotional connection in order to have sex that is completely satisfying with the Cancer man.

To really get his sexual interest, you need to appeal to his emotions. He is a gentle person who enjoys intimacy. He is also cautious and must feel comfortable and trust before he can fully open up to someone.

He is a different type of guy than an Aquarian, Aries or Sagittarian guy who values the pure athleticism, physicality, and sexuality above all else.

Cancer will never talk about the best sex he has ever had without mentioning the strong emotions that underpinned it.

You must have strong emotional connections to get him fully engaged and tuned in to you if you want your best experience.

He will be open to you. Be open to sharing your feelings. Be affectionate. Be open to his feelings. Remember that he can’t separate sex and love easily.

6. Communicate well

Healthy sex with Cancer men requires a lot of communication.

There are many reasons communication is important:

  • He would like to get to know you so he can be the best for you. He is a loving lover who wants to provide you with pleasure and nourishment while sex. It is important to tell him what you want and what you don’t like so he can adjust his touch to you.
  • When it comes to his desires and expressing them, he can be shy. It is important to communicate openly with him, asking him what works best for him, and finding out his needs and wants.
  • He will be drawn out of his shell if he is open to communication. He will enjoy sex if he is open and honest. Let him know that you love him and care about him. You will make him feel secure and reassured, which will allow him to relax fully.
  • You will feel so overwhelmed by his emotions that it is essential to communicate with him during sex to help him keep up with his inner turmoil.

Communication is key to feeling more like a married couple. This is what cancer is all about. He is a lover who values close, intimate, and marriage-like relationships with his partners.

4. You might consider including some role playing

Cancer guys love fantasy and role playing. These can help create memorable experiences and bonds.

Roleplay can be a great way to get these guys to open up emotionally. When he is immersed in a roleplay, he can come out of his shell.

Ask him if you can roleplay any of his sexual fantasies. You can ask him if he is interested and let it go. You shouldn’t criticize him unless it is part of his kink.

7. Play with submission and domination.

Water signs, including Cancer men, love a little bit of BDSM-type play.

He likes to be the one who is in control of the bed. He will often be weak at the knees to a feminine, submissive partner who allows him to take control. He is capable of some very sexy dom stuff.

He can be a bit masochist at times. He will do anything to please you. You can direct him around and tell him how you want him to please. You can indulge in any control-oriented fantasies you like here.

You might consider taking over sex if he is shy about initiating sex. Cancer men love a partner who initiates sex. It reinforces his love and allows him to be open by you taking control of the bed.


There you have it. These are some solid tips that will make your experience with a Cancer man more memorable.

It is important to understand that he may be slow to share his feelings. He should feel safe and loved. You will find he is more open to sharing your sexual desires and you’ll be able to have wonderful, explorative experiences.

It’s something I haven’t yet mentioned (thanks for reading to end), but it’s important to not be cold to this guy. These guys don’t like it when their partner becomes cold. It will be difficult for them to bear the hurt and they will quickly take it on their own, even if it isn’t.

Make sure that he feels cozy and that you feel mutual love and warmth between you!

One last tip: Sex with bodies of water is great. Water has a wonderful effect on him since he’s a water sign. The moonlight also has a magical effect on him.