How To Detect Negative Energy In A Person

Some people make you feel safe around them; you can talk to them about anything under the sky, and you’re assured they won’t judge you.

Others, however, can make you feel guarded, and you find yourself, without knowing why, picking your words carefully. For another group of people, you’re yet to pick up their vibe so you can’t draw any conclusions on your end.

We typically want to know how people around us are so that we can know how to adjust ourselves accordingly.

A boss can be friendly so the language would be light; for another, they are more closed so the language would be more official. For such reasons and others, let’s explore why it matters to know someone’s energy and how to detect it.

Why it’s essential to know the energy of people around you

Recognizing someone’s energy goes beyond making friends. It’s about being aware of the people within your circle

and those you allow in. If you’re always complaining that your friends bring drama into your life that ought to make you indeed pause and think of the kind of energy they have.

Two primary causes of this could be that you equally have drama in your life, or you haven’t learned to set boundaries with people.

Whatever the case, you’re attracting negative energy from others, or you haven’t learned to detect it and move away from it entirely.

You want to know the energy people around you have so that you can protect yourself from if we can say it plainly, contamination. Our life is already complicated as it is without added complications from others.

If you carry other people’s baggage, you will eventually have no energy to deal with what’s happening in your life, leaving you susceptible to getting the very same negative energy you’re hoping to detect in others.

Before you begin assessing and passing judgment off to someone, remember we are all human. Once in a while, we will be in a funk that will affect those around us.

If you lost a loved one or your job, then it’s expected that you’ll harbor feelings of anger or bitterness. Therefore as you’re detecting one’s energy, keep in mind that there could be several factors contributing to it.

Be sensitive as it could be their past affecting them and rightly so. All the need perhaps is a nudge in the right direction to change the energy within them.

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What is a person’s energy made of?

A person’s energy has to do with their dominant thoughts, emotions, and attitudes and how they perceive the world.

If observant, you can see it in a person’s demeanor, how they respond to those around them, and the emotions they have. Not everyone is aware of the energy they carry around them.

When detecting someone with negative energy, it is not always overt. Sometimes it is subtle, and it happens on a subconscious level.

Keeping this in mind will help you first look at yourself before looking to others.

If you’re quick to try and detect someone’s energy before finding out if you have negative energy, it would be the case of someone with a log in their eye looking for a speck in someone’s eye.

No one wants to be that person. It is, therefore, important to turn and look within yourself. What thoughts do you mostly think? What mood are you most of the time?

How do you perceive the world? Is it a place full of opportunities or merely a place of suffering? What is your primary attitude?

When you’re more aware, you’ll note that your outer self will change to reflect the person you’re becoming inside. As you change these things and embrace a more positive outlook, so will your energy be improved.

You’ll notice that people will be more comfortable around you and you’ll feel more relaxed as well.

How to detect negative energy in a person

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*Ways To Know When Bad Energy Has Entered Your Home:* Be aware of sudden arguments that comes out of no where in your home, even if it comes through the telephone or through the internet. Be aware of your feeling. If you suddenly become fearful, sad, worried, anxious (anxiety and panic attacks are a huge sign of not only malevolent energy but also benevolent ones. It is a vibrational shift that occurs and the frequency of whatever comes around is not aligned with your own, so this creates a nervousness within the human) or panicky. Or clammy skin, or heart palpitations. Pay attention to your animals and how they act. If they start barking or acting crazy (if they are not dogs), or dropping dead, something is not correct. I've had three chickens drop dead within days of each other. Foul Odours – If a bad smell suddenly rises in the house, like dead flesh, this is also a sign. The stench will often be a potent sudden smell that clearly has no source. An unsettling feeling –Something is bothering you but you just cannot understand what it is. Do not dismiss your gut feeling! There is tension in the house – Suddenly everyone has got an attitude and for no reason Everything begins to break or food begins to spill (These are when your own spirits are trying to alert you that something is wrong). Sleep Paralysis or tossing and turning while you sleep, you cannot sleep or when you do, you experience nightmares. The hooting of owls, the cats meow, or crying (it does not have to be your cat, but if you hear animals crying unusually, this can be a sign that things are around that should not be). The house or yard seems darker than usual, even if it’s only you who sees it, most often not everyone is connected or present enough to recognize certain unusual things. If you do, this mean that you are spiritually awake, or a little psychic somewhat. Sudden Headaches – Headaches are a huge sign that energy has shifted, pay attention to this. Also sudden toothaches where there are no cavities, or any kind of ill feeling To get access to my INNER ROOM where teachings takes place is now N10,000

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As you’ve read this far, your beginning to understand that there’s no one formula, but there are standard things you ought to look out for. The first thing is their body language.

Have you seen someone at a party with crossed arms and with no smile on their face? What does that tell you about the person, especially if everyone else around them is having fun?

What do they say about their body? Someone with negative energy within them will always be complaining about one thing or another. They will complain they are tired all the time and sleepy.

They will also have unexplained illnesses like a stomach ache or a headache. You’ll also note that this person is hardly even in a good mood.

There are times to be sad, but if someone is grouchy all the time and you and the people around them are going out of their way to ignore them, then it is an indication that they have negative energy.

Now let’s look at what people with negative emotions say. Have you ever been around someone where nothing is ever their fault? People who assign blame show a refusal to take responsibility for their actions and even emotions.

They will kick the cat and blame you for putting them in a bad mood.

If you had not made them upset, they would not have kicked the cat. If you’re around such a person for long, you will begin to feel drained. That is their negative energy colonizing you and draining whatever positivity you have.

You can also pick up on someone’s energy based on how they talk about themselves. People who deflect compliments or dismiss them show that they have a low opinion about themselves.

You will also notice they shy away from taking opportunities and make a ton of excuses why they aren’t worthy. It’s commonly said that we are our own worst critic, and it is likely someone with negative energy has a movie playing loops in their mind of what they did wrong.

That leads to them beating themselves up and also being just as harsh and judgmental to those around them.

How to deal with a person with negative energy

We cannot always abandon people just because they have negative energy. If the barrister is always rude, you can swap the line you take for the kinder one when getting your coffee.

With family or even friends, it’s not that easy. We have relatives that always have bad energy around them no matter how well the summer barbeque is going. Your friend can also be in a funk after a breakup, and you still want to go for meals and movies together. What do you do?

Here, you have to picture yourself having a shield around you. The visualizing of a shield will help you remember that it is within your power to repel negative energy.

You don’t have to take in what people through at you. Think of what you’re protecting within you as a beautiful garden that has to be protected at all costs.

If you’re into superhero movies, you can think of yourself as the protagonist who no bullets can penetrate. You’re free to pick what works for you.

When you take this approach, you’ll find that things that once upset you don’t matter. If your friend mopes for too long about their ex, it will not affect you.

If anything, they will note that you have a positive outlook on life and want to rethink their pity party. For the relative that’s always giving snide remarks, you can move right on with having a good time, and others will be inclined to follow suit.

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Learning from those around us

As they say, you need to take care of number one. Equally, you can also use people’s experiences as a lesson. When someone does or says something you deem harmful, look at your life to see if you are doing the same thing.

You don’t want a case of the pot calling the kettle black or running a witch hunt on people who sin differently from you. Using someone else’s experience to reflect on your life is wise, as you also get to avoid pitfalls.


An excellent way to center yourself and change the vibration of the world around you is meditation.

Overall, you can reverse whatever negative energy that someone sends your way by ensuring that our inner life gets filled with love and happiness.

We won’t always have it at one hundred percent, but as you work to keep it that way, it becomes easier.

This kind of enlightened state of being is not left for monks. You too can achieve it. There are many paths and curriculums to get to that place. Overall, there is no reason why you should live a stressed life because of others.

I highly recommend trying this website to find your cosmic energy profile, you will learn a lot about yourself and others.