How To Detect Negative Energy In Your House

Home is meant to be a sanctuary; somewhere safe to retreat to after a long day. You might have felt this warmth before and are looking to get it back.

For some, home is a warzone, and they are looking for some ways to turn it into a haven. The reason why our homes can feel “off” even when we have our favorite furniture inside has something to do with negative energy in the house.

This phenomenon is not restricted to horror movies. Sure the doors won’t randomly bang in the middle of the night, but you might feel a heaviness that leaves when you leave the house.

If you’re reading this and are yet to make your way home, note if you feel dread going to the place where the clichés tell us is where the heart is.

Being mindful of how you feel when at home

If you’ve never paid attention to your mood when you’re at home, it might escape to you that you have negative energy in your home.

So one of the ways to detect negative energy in your home is to be mindful of how you feel. It is easy to merge fatigue, anxiety, and stress with what has happened during the day.

However, if taking a shower, watching your favorite series, cooking a meal or reading a book you love doesn’t bring you peace and contentment, then you might want to investigate the energy in your house.

Why it matters

The simplest way to explain why you should care about the type of energy in your home is the example of meeting someone for the first time and immediately disliking them.

It’s not what they’ve said, or how they’ve said it. If anything, they could have been quiet and responded with a ‘nice to meet you.’

However, after the encounter, you are left thinking that if you were to run into them, you’d most certainly want to ignore them.

What about someone we don’t like? We might not have realized they’ve walked in, but when we do, it explains the uneasiness we were feeling.

If things were to go your way, you would not want them in the room with you. We wouldn’t want to do the same thing in our homes, that is, coexisting with negative energy.

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What brings about negative energy?

We play a part in the type of energy that we have in our homes. Our feelings, thoughts, and words can affect the atmosphere of our homes.

People we live with or the ones visiting also have the capability of bringing with them the same negative energy. If you were cheerful and someone with a bad mood came and sat next to you or to talk to you, how would you feel when they walked away?

What about if you were the one upset and someone managed to lift your spirits? People leave their energy with us as well as in our homes.

Whatever happens in your home, everything in it absorbs that energy. It is why no one is typically keen to move into a house that was a scene of a murder or death.

The spirit of the person who died and the emotions of those around them remain even in the walls and ceiling.

It’s no wonder when someone’s spouse passes on; they don’t always want to stay in the same place. It energy there is intense and makes the grieving process even harder.

Effects of negative energy

There are multiple reasons why you don’t want to ignore the likelihood that there’s negative energy in your home. That’s because it affects your entire life and that of those you live with.

You’ll find that you’ll be having more disagreements even over the smallest of things, communication will be more difficult, and you’ll begin avoiding each other.

When that’s the life someone lives, the next logical step would be to spend as much time as they can away from home.

They’ll refer to go to the bar and stay out till late. They’ll sign up for activities volunteer or religious activities. The goal is to get home when it’s very late, where the only thing left to do is perhaps have a microwave meal and sleep.

There is little to be desired for this kind of life. If that’s the space you’re in, it is perhaps time to find out what is causing the issues in your home. If you cannot find a possible cause, it’s still important to detect and deal with negative energy.

How to detect negative energy in your house

There are plenty of routes to take to find out if there’s negative energy in your home, but the one we’ll explore here is using water, vinegar and sea salt. Start with the sea salt and fill it a third way through a glass.

Take vinegar and fill it up to 2/3 and top off the rest with water. Don’t mix it. Once you’re done, put it in the corner of a room where you feel there’s a problem.

Ensure it’s out of sight where nothing can bother it for a full day.

A word of advice: practice this alone because you don’t want to have doubts about someone else having tampered with the glass.

When you come back, and nothing has happened, then there’s no negative energy in that space. Take the same glass, carefully, and move it to another room.

Repeat by trying another room if nothing happens when you don’t have negative energy in your home. However, if you move the glass to a new room and you find smudges or bubbles, then it means something bothered it; the energy in the room.

Once that happens, take a new glass, repeating the process. You want to do it until the water remains as clean as you left it when you put it there 24 hours before.

Every time you do this, ensure you pour the content in the toilet and flush so that it takes the negative energy absorbed away from your home.

You can also pour it on grass or dirt away from your home and let Mother Earth transform it into positive energy in its own time.

Other types of drains around the house tend to keep the residue of the negativity the content in the glass has absorbed.

When you start this process, you don’t want to stop before ensuring the glass remains the way you put it in all the rooms. Negative energy fights back.

If you ditch the process and come back home only to find the negativity has intensified, you want to get back until your home is rid of the negative energy. It might take a while to get a Zen home, especially if you’re not the first person to live in that home.

Bringing positive energy into your home

Be intentional about the process because you want the positivity in you to replace where the negativity once was. Leaving a vacuum is dangerous as you might invite even more bad energy.

Why is that? A lie travels around the world before the truth has even put on its shoes. Through this process, you also want to make sure you’re not contributing to the bad vibes in your space.

There are things you can do to make your home feel like a sanctuary. Look around; what don’t you like about it? What can you get rid of?

If that old couch makes you feel irritated every time you see it, get rid of it. Don’t make an excuse about getting a new one. You can sit on the carpet and throw pillows until you get something that your heart is content with.

Remember to also do kind things to those you live with. If you’ve all been in a sour mood, take some ice cream home with you and suggest a movie night.

Even if the other person has other plans or refuses, you know that your intentions and actions have left positive vibes in the home. After a while, the other person will also soften up and reciprocate.

When you’re discouraged, remember you’re bringing positive energy in, and all for a good cause.

Other alternatives to the same thing are 2/3 tablespoon of sea salt, two tablespoons of vinegar, and one full glass of water. You can also add sage, the herb, which is used to bring positive energy into a home and make it Zen.

You can use clove or frankincense as alternatives.

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The methods to detect and drive out negative energy described here might not settle well for people who don’t believe in things happening in a different frequency from us.

It is alright if that’s the case as none of us wished to be forced into doing things we don’t believe in. However, if you live with someone who does, it would be beneficial to both of you to give this a shot.

You can also discover a lot about cosmic energy at the website.