How to Tell Your Third Eye Is Open

Imagine you are seated somewhere trying to relax after a long tiring day. As you slowly drift off to sleep an explosion of images, shapes, and color take form in your mind.

Some visions are blurred, some vivid and others make absolutely no sense. Do you try figuring them out, do you marvel at them and enjoy the moment or do you get a panic attack and shoot open your eyes?

Believe it or not, your third eye is in operation – a very normal occurrence.

The Third eye – What on Earth is this?

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The third eye is an inner, invisible, speculative yet mystical eye. Intriguingly, it is perceived to be on your forehead – yes, the forehead!

The third eye is believed to provide perception beyond ordinary sight.

The Third Eye in Religious corridors

The Dharma in India refers to the third eye as Ajna chakra, meaning the brow.

They believe that spiritually, the third eye is the gate leading to inner realms of higher consciousness.

The new age spirituality believes that the images that form in one’s mind hold a personal, psychological or spiritual significance.

In Hinduism, the third eye, known as ‘the eye of insight’ is found right in the middle of the forehead slightly above the eyebrows. They have it placed on the forehead in reverence to god Shiva.

The Chinese also believe that the area between the eyebrows is magical. During meditation, they focus on the spot between the eyes (while their eyes are shut). This automatically tunes them into the correct vibe on which they soar to greater realms.

In Taoism it’s believed to be the mind’s eye and is positioned between the 2 physical eyes, expanding to the middle of the forehead.

Christianity, however, finds the notion of the third eye to be just a metaphor used to refer to a higher level of awareness that can be called the mind of Christ.

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The Third Eye in Science and Philosophy

To science, the third eye forms part of the pineal gland, located between the two hemispheres of the brain. In reptiles and amphibians, this gland is responsible for sensing light.

Philosophers have critiqued the third eye phenomenon. Daniel Dennet is quoted as saying that just because we call it a third eye doesn’t necessarily mean there is a place in the mind that visualization really occurs.

Signs of an open third eye

  • Have you ever felt pressure on your forehead, as if something is literally pushing on it, just before falling asleep? This is actually your third eye opening. What experiences does an open third eye bring?
  • Feeling a bond from within, with people who may even be far away. The bond somehow brings them into connection with you, a oneness of sorts.
  • Some people experience a change in the way they think and perceive things. They develop a deeper sense of mental transformation; a heightened level of focus and concentration; a gradual integration from their initial thoughts and ease in understanding very complicated concepts.
  • Telepathy: an awakening of psychic powers makes it possible for you to transmit information to others without any physical interaction. In addition, intuition ceases to be just a feeling and becomes a tool that gets more precise as time goes by.
  • There is something you learn in everything you see. For instance, looking at birds in flight you begin to see your abilities to fly. Vegetation around you can make you see how water and soil can beautifully bring out vegetation. It feels like everything around you is calling out to you. The feeling, however, is so sudden you may even be tempted to shout out and let guys know that now you can see.
  • The sixth sense: The opening of the third eye increases your foresight. You can actually tell what is about to happen even before it comes. Precognition is a subtle feeling that comes and goes every so often.
  • The confidence that comes with the third eye opening is overwhelming, to say the least. It is like a self-introduction to you. Somehow you feel as though you are the one thing that makes the world go round and that you dwell right on top of it. It exists just for you and your potentials. There is a boost in your confidence and self-esteem that can make you feel as though you can actually be a superhero.
  • The energies that come with the third eye awakening can be negative or positive and believe me, you will very sensitive to them. Once you are able to pick good ones from people around you then know that your third eye is good. Good energies will have a positive influence on you while bad energies will have a negative effect on you. So next time you meet someone and you a gut feeling to hug them tight or take a run for your life, go ahead, do it, your third eye sees right through them.
  • Body tremors: There are vibrations that come with the awakening of the third eye. Your body will have vibes so strong at times. Whatever the experience, one is advised to be calm for these don’t last long. In such moments one may get visions in the mind. Common visions include starry black sky, colored shapes, buildings, trees

How do you open the third eye?

There are various ways of opening the third eye, some of which are:

  • Exercising your intuition
  • Meditation
  • Nurturing silence with an aim to hear the sound of the third eye for it comes as a whisper.

Can a third eye block?

Yes, it can and the repercussions are very uncomfortable. They include:

  • There is a feeling of disconnection with yourself
  • Delusion
  • Skepticism about almost everything
  • Migraine
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Poor vision
  • Insomnia

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Different people have different third eye experiences. The consensus, however, is that having it is an exciting ride.

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