How To Unblock Chakras

There are days where we feel ‘off.’ We cannot quite say what is the cause, but we feel that the energy within us is unsettled.

There are times we do know what the problem is; we need tools to clear the negative energy within us and to bring us to a place of balance.

Chakras are energy storehouse that we have in our body, with the seven chakras connected to a specific organ or gland in the body. The path to spiritual growth lies in unblocking our chakras.

To get personal transformation, you have to be aware of the chakra system and how to align and balance them so that you can live a fuller life.

Here, we are going to explore the seven chakras and letting you know how you can tap into them and reach a higher level of consciousness.

We will work our way from the base to the top. Of the seven chakras, four are responsible for our mental aspects while the other three have to do with our instincts.

Learn how to activate your Chakras :

7. Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra)

In this first chakra is where we find Kundalini energy, a dormant and divine force within us. It is at the base of the spine, which is what makes us grounded.

When this chakra is blocked, you’ll find that you are not living in that divine energy. You don’t feel security and a connection to the earth as well as peace. Instead, what manifests is greediness and wanting to keep things only for you when it comes to things like money and food.

Look at your life for areas where you might be doing things out of greed and work to unblock the Muladhara Chakra.

Physical connections: spine, rectum, legs, arms, circulatory system

Color: Red

6. Svadhisthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra)

This chakra is the center of sexuality and pleasure. It is about being able to take in new experiences and accept them for what they are. When the Svadhisthana is balanced, you feel a sense of well-being, finding pleasure in the things of life, and you also embrace your sexuality.

When it is off balance, love cannot flow, and you find yourself in unhealthy and out of balance relationships. You also feel restlessness about life, as though there is more about it to enjoy, but you’re unable to.

The Sacral chakra is also located in the lower abdomen.

Physical connections: Reproductive organs, bowels, kidney, immune system

Color: Orange

5. Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Manipura is located on the upper abdomen. Where is where everything about ourselves stems from, be it self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

It is considered the seat of power where our identity lies. When you are balanced, you have a healthy relationship with yourself and as a result with other humans as well.

A blocked Solar Plexus chakra leads to a low perception of self and an inability to relate well with others as a result.

Physical connections: Skin, liver, digestive tract, pancreas, central nervous system

Color: Yellow

4. Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra)

The Anahata is about love and relationships and is located in the center of the chest, right above the heart. It is essentially the energy tied to our ability to love.

If you are balanced, you are at peace with yourself because you love yourself, and with others as well. However, when things are not aligned, there is where negative feelings toward us and others come in. It is in that state you find anger, bitterness, and even loneliness.

To balance you’ll have to release all the real and perceived ills others and the world have done toward you so you can find peace.

Physical connections: Heart, immune system, circulatory system, lower lungs, thymus

Color: Green

3. Vishudha Chakra (Throat Chakra)

This chakra is located at the throat, as the name implies.

It has to do with self-expression and our ability to communicate. It is also considered the doorway to liberation.

The Vishudha also has to do with one’s ability to speak the truth and good things. When aligned, you can fully express yourself and say what is true. There is richness to what you say.

An indication that you are off or blocked is that when you speak, you do so in anger, bitterness, and unkindness.

Your speech should be a telling sign of where you stand when it comes to this chakra.

Physical connections: vocal cords, teeth, respiratory system, thyroid

Color: Light blue

2. Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra)

The Third Eye is about your ability to steward your life. It is located on the forehead between the eyes and it where aspects such as intuition, wisdom, decision making, purpose, and imagination come from. It is essentially the source from which you run your life.

When it is blocked, you find that you are unclear about your life’s purpose, making decisions is tasking, and overall outlook on life is muddied.

When the Ajna Chakra is open, you can know the answers to life’s questions as they always lie within us.

It is vital that you unblock this chakra so that you can live life as you were intended to be and spiritually enlightened.

Physical connections: Eyes, sinuses, pituitary gland

Color: Indigo

1. Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra)

Of all the chakras, the Sahasrara is the highest as it is a connection to the divine and spirituality. It is at the top of the head. When this chakra is opened, one is aware of the relationship between themselves and the divine, and of with the world around them.

You feel connected to everything that is around and are aware of the essence of life. Check where you stand with the higher power in your life so that you can live an elevated experience.

Physical connection: brain, nervous system, pineal gland.

Color: Purple

Techniques to unblock chakras

Here are some ways to remove the blockage from your life and balance your chakras. Let’s explore.

Yoga: Yoga unblocks chakras because all the areas our chakras lie move. There are various yoga techniques that people can employ to unblock all chakras or specific ones. Equally, when doing yoga, you use energy and also circulate it around the body. It is therefore not the only ideal of fitness purposes, but it is to bring alignment into your body.

Chanting mantras: Select a phrase that you can chant to yourself during yoga or meditation. However, you are recommended to use a mala (beads on a string) so that you can do that many repetitions and a book as well that can guide you through the process.

Say the mantra out loud and with slow purpose and feel it vibrate through your entire body. When you speak it, you will feel the energy in your body begin to shift and align. You can choose one mantra or have a few that you can chant.

Tapping: Gary Craig first came up with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is a form of counseling interventions.

It is used to eliminate negative emotions or thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Our bodies indeed do have a way of telling us that we are blocked. For some, it could be tightness in the throat, chest, or butterflies in the stomach.

There are various places where you can tap to release energy. You can use your hands to do a gentle karate chop, tap the top of your head, on either side of the eyes, under the arms and on the inner part of the brow. You can also tap where the individual chakras are.

As you tap, speak words of affirmation to drive out the negative energy.

Reiki: This ancient Japanese method of healing uses universal energy to heal the physical, emotional, mental, and

spiritual aspects of a person. It can be used when you feel out of balance or as an alternative medicine for stress or when you have an illness.

How it works is energy gets transferred from the person performing the Reiki to the one receiving it.

Some consider Reiki as something we do naturally, such as when we hold our head when we have a headache.

With Reiki, however, this transfer is intentional and encourages physical or emotional healing.

What works best?

We all have varying needs, and you, therefore, have to try a few unblocking techniques to find out what works for you. There are tons of additional resources in the online and offline world where you can learn to unblock chakras. One useful one is Crystal Therapy to help you unleash the healing powers of crystals.

Discover the best way to activate your Chakras:

You also have to approach it from a standpoint where you believe in what you are doing, with your physical and emotional symptoms being a pointer to an underlying problem.

There is no level of qualification in case you feel that you’re not up to the task.

We all have the same chakras; some people are more advanced than others in unblocking and aligning, but having chakras in the first place makes you qualified to work on them. Take the steps to heal yourself.