Law of Attraction To Get The Guy You Want

More often than not our thoughts precede our actions. Whatever we focus on the most usually manifests itself in our lives. Our thoughts, therefore, hold the power to bring into reality whatever we desire.

The law of attraction encourages us that actions we take should not be dictated by our desperate need of someone or something, but by the fact that we have felt a desire that we should act upon.

Focusing on yourself is like choosing to be your own first love then spreading this love to others.

The law of Attraction and how it works

The law of attraction grew out of Phineas Quimbly’s teachings in the 19th century. It is based on the principal – like attracts like.

This means people are attracted to people like them, being drawn to each other by the power of vibration resonance.

What does vibration have to do with anything?

You see, according to this law, you, everyone and everything else is made up of energy.

There is a frequency with which the energy moves in everyone depending on the energy levels in the person. This frequency produces a vibration within us, and as we vibrate, the vibrations attract other similar vibrations from around us.

This means that you attract people or things with vibration energies equivalent to yours. In this way, you can attract a wide range of things from a cup of coffee to a potential soul mate.

For this law to work for you, focus on yourself, not on the other person. Let everything revolve your feelings, your thoughts and the vibrations you emit.

For instance, the intensity of love you have for yourself determines the intensity of love you have for the other person. The adage does unto others what you would have done unto you caps it well.

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Focusing on yourself to attract the guy you want

Remember, you are the starting point. Take a deep look at your inner person and ask yourself whether you exhibit the same traits you want in a guy.

For instance, if you want a kind guy who, are the vibrations you emit radiating the kindness that you seek?

A good way to judge is by comparing what you see inside you with the outward behavior of the guys you have had in the past.

Are your inner traits similar to what you physically saw in them? If your answer is no, then you’re in radiations and feelings were not similar to the guys’.

No wonder you felt that you ended up with the wrong guys. Some things to take into consideration in order to attract the guy you want, under this law include:

The bigger picture: Would you rather receive a worn rag wrapped in a beautiful park or a new dress in a worn wrap? Things like jobs, houses, looks, and clothes do not spell happiness with a guy. It is what you feel, not what you see that attracts someone to you. Once you satisfy your inner person everything falls in place.

The company you keep: Show me your friends and I will show you who you are, the wise man said. Having like-minded friends who bring out the best in you will make you happy.

Surround yourself with good friends who encourage you to bask in the beauty of what the world has to offer rather than driving you wallow in negativity.

Even without looking for love, happiness will make you radiate energy that can bring true genuine love into your life.

Meditation: This comes with a relaxation that enables you to tap into your intuition. As a result, you will radiate well-desired energy frequencies from within which will help you make the right connections.

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Letting go: Don’t be like someone who wouldn’t open his clenched fist in fear of losing the liquid he held in it. When he finally unclenched it, not only had all the liquid slipped through his fingers, but he had also lost the opportunity to have something new.

You should be willing to let someone who you don’t really click with go. I can almost hear you wondering why you should let go of someone you still believe can change and love you as you deserve.

Well, the law of attraction argues that holding onto them makes it difficult for you to have a relationship that you actually ought to have. But once you let go, your energy vibrations will connect you to your significant other.

Gratitude: Be grateful even in small things. Having a thankful heart puts you in harmony with your inner feelings which positively affect your vibrations

Self-confidence: Though you are your own best friend, you can quite easily become your own worst enemy.

Confidence in yourself is so magnetic that however bad people may think you are what you feel about yourself will give them a reason to doubt themselves because of the aura you portray. Needless to say, it is important to get past feelings of loneliness, heartaches, and self- limiting beliefs. This ignites the right radiations in you, enabling you to connect with the right person.

Look on the brighter side: The best way revenge is forgiveness, kindness, and joy. Being happy is the best you can do to attract love. Anger, bitterness, hatred, and resentment lower your vibrations.

Be optimistic: Have faith in the highest and best outcome. Even though life is at times so unfair that what we toil for isn’t what we get, it is good to be positive and kind to yourself. Don’t always be rigid towards a particular outcome.

Contentment: Being content with what you have and rejoicing in the way things are will make you realize the peace found in letting things take their course. Because the law of attraction works by you focusing on yourself, contentment increases the energy frequency making it easier for your vibrations to make connections.

When the law of attraction won’t work

There will be times when the law of attraction will not work for you. These can be very frustrating times. What will stop it from working?

  • Thinking about your dislikes
  • Focusing so much on what could be wrong in your life
  • Looking up to other people for approval
  • Harboring anger and hatred

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There is no fun in beating someone who is already down. Hell, it’s not even morally right. Yet we do it to ourselves over and over again.

Only when we are kind to ourselves will we be able to radiate the correct vibes that will connect us to the guy we want.

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