Life Path Number 11 – Do You Get What You Want?

In numerology, 11 is a master number, just like the other double-digit/ repetitive numbers. Master numbers refer to the numbers that communicate at a higher vibration/ intensity that’s undeniable.

Master numbers ‘up the ante’ significantly meaning that anyone on this life path has a greater purpose spiritually, no matter how you look at it.

With a master number life path, you feel strung up high all the time. You experience a constant pull/ push to do/ be more/ better/ greater, even to the point of distraction.

If your life path number is a master number, you will find yourself holding higher expectations of yourself despite not seeing where the feelings come from.

Being a master number life path, it means that your ultimate purpose is to develop a mastery of self.

Remember that a life path number or a destiny number represents the number that’s the result of the numerological reduction of your birth date.

The number (s) gives insights into your personality while also providing you with a better understanding of your pathway to success.

Who is life path number 11?

Life path 11 is one of these master numbers (the others are 22 and 33), but unfortunately, it’s the most difficult life path numbers to perceive.

One of the main reasons for this difficulty has to do with the fact that number 11 is a combination of two elements, and the sum of the two digits gives opposite results.

The number 11 is a combination of two 1s making eleven a lot like double 1.

The sum of the two 1s, on the other hand, is 2, a number that’s diametrically an opposite. Therefore, understanding the number 11 individuals is quite complex.

The power of the 11 life path

As mentioned above, life path 11 has an added mystical meaning, which is why individuals on this life passes an inordinate amount of intuition and energy.

You have a lot going on in and around your psyche, which is why people misunderstand you too much, too often, from an early age. As a result of the misunderstanding, you’re rather shy and even withdrawn though you have so much potential.

Significance/ life purpose

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Enlighteners/ Master Teachers

Being on the number 11 life path is quite demanding, despite the potential you hold within. Your primary role/ purpose in life is to live as an enlightener or a teacher thanks to the fact that you vibrate at a higher level than individuals with life path numbers 1-9.

You have more of the incarnation spirit/ experience, as well as wisdom, and you must work hard to keep a spiritual balance while finding your place in the spiritual world.

As the master teacher, you’re required to keep your soul pure, evolve yourself, work on improving your spirituality, and you’re also expected to help others in the journey to spiritual self-discovery.

It’s expected that individuals with master number life paths become volunteers, serving the planet, and sharing their experiences.

Also on spirituality is the fact that life path number 11 individuals have a lot of spiritual knowledge to share, and one of their life goals is to share that knowledge effectively.

It’s also up to you to find the most effective methods of communication for sharing their knowledge and also for self-improvement.

Because of the knowledge you have, you are an inspiration, and you affect a positive aura without any conscious effort. If you’re on this life path, it would appear as if energy flows through you, without your control. While this gives you a great deal of power, it also creates an emotional turmoil within you.

As an enlightener, you’re also a channel of information between the lower and higher realms, the archetype and your relative world. Your ideas, understanding, insights, and thoughts come to you without you having to go through the rationalization process.

It would, therefore, appear that there exists a bridge between your unconscious and the conscious realms, a connection that tunes you to the higher level of intuition.

The double-edged sword

Though individuals on the life path number 11 have a strong intuition and they’re attuned with their higher selves, they also have negative traits that they have to tame.

First off, living in the frequency of the master numbers is difficult, and you might find yourself falling into the vibration of life path number 2.

You’re also at great risk of falling in too deep with your ambitions to the extent that you start abusing your power.

You could also fall and reduce your importance, falling into vanity. For these reasons, you have to remember the phrase, ‘to whom much is given, of him much will be expected.’

The other thing to remember is that when you reach/ attain a certain level of awareness and if you awaken your consciousness to the higher frequencies, the field will offer protection, and you won’t need to interact with people existing on a lower frequency unless you choose to.

You also need to be careful with your high energy vibrations because these vibrations could cause a significant level of dis-balance in your nervous system.

Physically, you must protect your nervous system given your high vulnerability to stress resulting in acute sensitivity.

One of the side effects of the high energy vibration and your sensitivity is depression, which also comes from prolonged periods of exposure to unrelieved stress.

Therefore, to be happy and in tune with your higher self, you need to consider seeking help from harmonious environments.

Listen to relaxing music and indulge in nourishing diets for the restoration of your inner peace and balance.

The other negative attribute common with life path number 11 individuals is they hardly share their views and not taking their side could mean dealing with a monster.

While you possess several positive attributes, you might find that you spend a lot of time on self-criticism and self-reflection.

You will stand out from everyone else, and if you try fitting in, you will only feel worse, out of place and like an alien.

Compatibility and life partner

You might not want to hear this, but it will be very hard for you to find a life partner or someone who matches the energy you vibrate at. Number 11 individuals are very powerful, and you might even have to limit your physical ability to be happy.

Though it may be hard for you to find a life partner, you will find one if you’re keen. When in love, you are very sensitive, passionate, and your high level of perceptiveness makes you aware of the needs and the desires of your partner.

It’s interesting to note that you’re capable of fulfilling the needs of your partner with a great, and an almost magical delicacy. Happy in love, you’re the finest companion possessing a great sense of humor.

While everything works well when you’re respected and when your love is reciprocated, feelings of jilted love or mistreatment lead you to react with too much power, and you might even use your partner’s personal criticisms in a rather vindictive manner.

Profession/ career path

A life path number 11 individual is as diplomatic as he/ she is tactful, patient, and cooperative. Therefore, you will work well in and with groups/ teams, you will find ways of creating harmony when surrounded by people holding diverse opinions. You also enjoy music and poetry, and you have a keen eye for a fine sense of balance, beauty, and rhythm.

Some of your healing capabilities can be felt in the fields of physical therapy, counseling, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

As an 11, once you find your niche in life, and after you realize your true potential, you will be rewarded greatly.

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The biggest reason for your success lies in your deep ambitions, but this could be easily curtailed by the lack of confidence in your ability to realize your dreams, which could you down the path of frustration.

You need to remember that your key to unlocking your potential and success lies in being confident.

You’re also a visionary, and since you don’t do well when you’re bound by the expectations of others, you’d make a great writer, artist, or a musician.

Your work well with people because of your foundational energy, and since you value harmony, you get distressed when the people around you are upset – you can pick up on different psychic wavelengths easily.

Despite your power, strength, and enlightenment, you shouldn’t expect your peers to treat you like God’s chosen. It’s up to you to learn/ discover and master your abilities while keeping your power under control.

Live according to your high standards, but be ready to deal with challenges.

Some of the paths you could adopt are the ones that place emphasis on serenity through the attainment of a cosmic spiritual balance.

Make use of your inner strength and set your mind to finish the things you set out to do.

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