Life Path Number 7? Who Are You?

Numbers define our lives in many ways, and in one spectrum, you’re are defined by a series of 1s and 0s or your social security number.

Today, however, we look at one specific number – 7. The number 7 is an important part of numerology, and since you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you’ve been seeing the number 7 too often and you don’t believe this to be a coincidence.

If this is the case, or if you feel drawn to the number 7, then it’s time we delved into numerology – which is basically the study of numbers and the relationship of the numbers with your life path.

Your Life Path Number is easily the most influential numerological aspect of your life determined by your date of birth.

This Life Path represents who you actually are today – it’s an indication of your unique traits and abilities which will almost certainly influence the rest of your life.

So, what’s on the Life Path Number 7?

Being a 7 or on the Life Path Number 7 means that you are a seeker.

Spirituality/ The Life of a Seeker

In Chinese Numerology, 7 is a very sacred number symbolizing analysis, secret, as well as an understanding that lies in the evolution process.

In the spiritual sense, Number 7 also has an energy that’s associated with deepening into yourself, and this often means distancing yourself from the world to go/ search deep within you.

It’s also symbolic in the religious sense in that God rested on the 7th day.

It is, therefore, clear that in numerology the number 7 is a combination of both the material and the spiritual – the combination of the holy trinity (3) and the human experience (4). Therefore, the number 7 could be thought of as the triumph of the spirit over matter, and every 7 years, the human body and the soul gets renewed.

Think of the 7-year cycles or the crisis years.

On this life path number, you will find yourself in a constant conflict between your everyday life and a life path higher than you, the path of your purpose.

7s also have a strong intuition hence their capacity to receive information from the spiritual realm or rather, the higher levels of their consciousness through dreams or any other channels.

If you’re on this life path, the direction your life takes will come from your spirit or rather, your true self within and no one else is responsible for your life.

You get to determine who can control your life and destiny.

Because of your spirituality, you have to learn how to trust your intuition in different circumstances until you attain higher wisdom.

Being on this life path, you’re required to realize the intangible energies around you, and this often requires you not to give any value to your material things.

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Life Path Number 7 – Purpose, Character, and Life

On this life path, your biggest goal is to learn/ master how to calm your mind. As you already know, this is a hard thing to do, which is why you have to do it by learning how to dig deep into your self-discovery process.


7s are known for their intelligence. As one of the people in this life path, you’ve got a bright which you use to analyze your surroundings.

Like most intelligent people, you know how to be alone without feeling abandoned or isolated; and you often feel uncomfortable in crowds or societies.

You’re also not the most talkative person in the room, and you’d rather spend time alone, not out of spite but out of necessity.

You’re the kind of guy/ lady who learns best when alone studying books or researching.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that you’re deep, with deep feelings or self-worth and an air of elegance.

The catch, however, is that it might be hard for you to understand yourself and even harder for others to understand you which is why persons on the Life Path Number 7 are often labeled as the White Crow. You will also be regarded as the weird person in the group because of your unique criteria for decision making.


The intelligent white crows or loners on the life path number 7 have numerous outstanding professional skills, qualifications, and qualities which is why most of the individuals in the life path number 7 end up becoming great researchers, high-level intellects, scientists, investigators, computer geniuses, or analysts.

And no matter how much you try, entrepreneurship is not on the cards for you when you’re a 7.

The other reason for this career path comes from the fact that knowledge is the most valuable thing for you and not your material comfort.

For example, you could choose to work in the philosophy field because you love learning, and you have a curious mind. You could also work for yourself or work independently if you’re part of a team.

As a 7, you naturally do not wish to impose your will on others, neither do you wish to dominate which means that if you’re a boss, you will need to create a powerful support system with team members willing and capable of working independently.

Besides being a scientist, individuals in the life path number 7 also end up being great mentors and teachers.

Compatibility and Relationships

A highly intelligent person who values their alone time, relationships will not come easy for or for your partners. The main reason for this is that you’re capable of great worries, but you’re not going to fully show it because you’re good at hiding your feelings.

Individuals in the Life Path Numbers 7 make up the largest percentage of lonely people around, and even if you got married, you might not be in a mutually beneficial relationship with your partner.

For this reason, the best partners for individuals in the Life Path Number 7 are the ones on the same vibration as them, numerology 7.

Also on compatibility is the fact that individuals with the life path numbers 4 and could make excellent matches while life paths 2 and 6 would only try to please the 7s even though this has no effect on the 7s.

Life Paths 3 and 5 would be the most difficult paths for 7s because while the 7s need isolation, 3 and 5 don’t. On the other hand, life paths 1 and 8 would be too much power for 7s.

Personality – negative traits

  • Being too closed off

Being on the Life Path Number 7, like every other numerology is more like walking on thorny roses barefoot. Though intelligent, being on this life path means that you will be stuck in this mental loop that you create for yourself and you will always avoid contact.

Often, the only way for you to overcome your negative qualities involves coming out of your knowledge field to the rest of the society and also unlocking yourself from the illusionary world you live/ hide in.

Understandably, individuals in numerology 7 will have a hard time adapting to reality, and it’s extremely hard for them to trick their minds into thinking that they have to stay isolated. And this comes at a very high price with individuals on this life path being at a very high risk of falling into alcohol or drugs addiction or even becoming a fanatic of some kind.

Most of the time, numerology 7 individuals are drawn into a dark melancholy that borders towards depression or neurosis.

The best way for a 7 to overcome their negative qualities could be as simple as learning to express your emotions to others, especially your loved ones.

  • Living a substandard life

The other big risk of being on the life path number 7 numerology has to do with the fact that you might ignore your talents to lead a simple life.

Unfortunately, doing this doesn’t make life any easier – self-discovery is one of your purposes in life, and until you find yourself and fulfill your purpose, your problems will not disappear.

You carry in you divine knowledge which you must share with the rest of the world, and failing to do this will only make your life more miserable. You’re talented, but you have to step out of your shell to find friends, family, and love, even when the society treats you like an outcast.

Being your best as an individual on life path number 7?

For 7s, meditation is essential, and nature is very rejuvenating. As a loner, you relax and flourish connecting with nature, and working out helps you move your energy around. For a balanced life, self-care is crucial for you.

For your relationships to work, numerology 7 tends to be honest, direct and loyal though your insecurities around not being good enough could drive you into trouble with praising or supporting your partner.

Despite being a loner, you have a sharp tongue, and this could naturally lead you into trouble.

You could, however, overcome this by rethinking your communication style. You should also stop overanalyzing everything in your life.

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