Life Path Number 8? What’s in Store for You?

What does it mean when you keep seeing the number 8 or when number 8 is what you perceive as your number? And even more importantly, what is the significance of the Life Path Number 8?

Well, in numerology, which represents an important part of astrology, your life path number is the study of numbers which helps in clarifying signs while offering an additional nuance to your life as you know it.

While numerology is slowly becoming a common practice today, it bears its roots to thousands of years ago, while also exemplifying the teachings of the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras.

Known as one of the most brilliant mathematicians to have ever lived, Pythagoras was interested in more than the quantitative solutions we know.

This great mathematician held the belief that the physical world was made of energetic vibrations of numbers, and he developed a system corresponding letters to integers to that end in his study of numerical interconnectivity.

Sounds complex, huh? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be a math genius to get around the magic of numerology.

In this article, we look at the importance of Life Path Number 8.

Life path number 8 – Power and Strength

Numerology 8 signifies strength and Power, an intersection of the material and the spiritual worlds. You could think of this numerology as the infinity symbol, representing where these two worlds meet.

Power, in this case, comes from a deeply spiritual source and thanks to the strength of this power, numerology 8 individuals can withstand/ overcome the animal urges.

Unlike Power as you know it, the power associated with life path number 8 has nothing to do with aggression or anger, it’s all about patience and intense female energy that gives you all the strength you need to accomplish your goals and desires.

Of course, a bit of aggression is expected, but tamed, this power could be serving and beneficial to others.

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Life Path Number 8 – Life Purpose

The true purpose or the life art of individuals on the numerology 8 life path is transformation – the transformation of the negative energies around them into positive energy.

You realize, while on this path that you need your ego’s power to unite the rest of the world, albeit in the name of higher interest. Your energy has the power to unite different qualities for power, as well as for effective use.

If you’re on this life path, you know that you have the power/ energy of boss, you have an immense amount of control in your life, and this natural energy that draws you towards power is what makes individuals on life path number 8 great leaders.

The interesting bit about being on this life path is that you don’t have to draw your power or leadership abilities form your ego but from the divine and your own spirit. You are naturally brave and a fighter.

Note, however, that being on life path number 8 doesn’t mean that you hold more power than everyone else – on its own, numerology 8 is the transmitter of the divine power which can hold things in place together.

And despite all the power you hold, you have to learn how to get satisfaction from the world (material).

There’s also the fact that you need to be extra careful not to fall into the greed side of power which often leads to failure, as well as an increase in karmic debt.

Your happy place as an 8 lies in the balance, but this doesn’t mean treating everything in black and white because doing so would lead you into a life of fear, making you lose your confidence.

Career life of numerology number 8

As mentioned above, the power and strength that comes with being a numerology 8 individual make you an excellent leader.

When harnessed properly, this power could lead to great success and achievement.

Naturally, the numerology 8 individuals are well-connected with management systems at high levels, as well as the big scale projects. Because of the divine power and strength on this life path, an individual could start off with a small project then step up on the global scale, fast.

Besides being great and successful leaders or bosses, individuals on this life path show a great interest in their material success meaning that they want to have the best in life and hold a great/ respectable status in society.

Unfortunately, and as a rule of life, individuals on this life path are hardly ever satisfied with the positions they hold, and they’re always looking for the next best thing to do, a stepping stone to propel them to the top of the ladder.

  • Ambition

Individuals on life path 8 are indeed super ambitious. Their ambition and the inherent need to be greater or more powerful than others are the reason why numerology 8 individuals often follow careers in the military, corporate business/ finance, or sports.

Undoubtedly, life path number 8 individuals are great in business; they make excellent surgeons or even high-tech professionals.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that the other meaning of the 8s is that these individuals are made for business.


Individuals on life path number 8 are persistent, understanding, trustworthy, competent, good at managing money, and reliable. Their exemplary leadership skills and their business-way of thinking also stand out.

Despite having everything going for them, these individuals often need to step back and learn how to use their powers for the best.

These individuals are also creative, and their creativity is seen in their effective management of other people – if you’re on this life path, you’ve heard countless times that you are a great boss.

Besides being an excellent boss, you’re a powerhouse ready to deal with the toughest of situations, which is why you’re happier when you’re facing a challenge.

Relationships and compatibility

If you’re on life path number 8, you will find that you’re always sincere and true in your relationships. You also arouse strong emotions/ feelings from people of the opposite sex, but you also have a difficult time forming these relationships because of your strong will and desires.

Often, you will see people as tools to take you closer to your success, and you might make it look like you don’t need emotions in your life. While this creates an illusion of heartlessness, it’s very practical to you, and you will treat people courteously.

Unfortunately, things often head the other direction before you can work out how to go about the relationship meaning that your superpower in wealth creation could be the biggest stumbling block to your romantic life.

But, what others might not know is that no one can change you or your thoughts.

You would also be very demanding of your partner’s full devotion, which will make you come off as authoritative and possessive.

You can be a great friend or a dangerous enemy.

In this regard, the toughest relationship an 8 can have is a relationship with a 1 or a 5 since both of these life paths feature individuals who are extremely dedicated to their freedom and goals. But, you could make your relationship work with any other life path if you work around your need for control and making your partner do things they cannot do.

The two most viable partnerships with an 8 are either a 6 or a 2 because these individuals are emotionally sensitive and would be more willing (than others) to work with 8s during their controlling moments.

Note, however, that when in a relationship with the patient 2 or 6, things will feel perfect for the most part, and you will make all the choices you think are right, without any contest from your partner, but if you remain conscious, you will notice that you’re receiving little/ no pushback and this self-consciousness is what guide you into bringing in your partner.

You will start consulting them, and with time, you’ll grow to appreciate their opinions. Despite the use of reverse psychology, this could be the best way for you to forge a happy and mutually beneficial relationship.

Though you have this head-strong personality, you can be in a fruitful relationship if you have a patient partner who will quickly help you develop respect for your partner’s quiet wisdom.

You will also butt heads with a 4 since you find them boring and plodding, the 4 will also be resentful of your controlling nature.

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Negative traits

Besides their ambition, strength, and excellence in everything they do, life path 8 individuals have a number of negative traits that they should be aware of or even tame.

For example, a numerology 8 leader is often tactless and very direct meaning that they are very hard to notice. In some circles, 8s are labeled cold and out of touch with their human side.

The other negative traits expected from individuals on life path 8 is a tendency to pursue their own goals, especially if they’re connected with their power and status. The result of this is the loss of conscience from too much ambition.

Numerology 8 individuals are also tough, unforgiving, vindictive, tough, and they jump from one polarity on to the other without warning.


You have a great sense of self and your path, but you might want to double-down on some of the negative qualities to attain balance and to achieve even greater success.

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