Meditation is important in Crazy Times

These are times of high levels of change, disruption, uncertainty and fear. For most people, it can seem crazy.

So how do we cope? What can you do when there is chaos and crisis?

Meditation becomes crucial in this situation.

Meditation is the only way to deal with anxiety.

Our old methods of coping, which don’t usually work very well, aren’t working.

  • Distraction and Ignorance (how can one ignore something that is everywhere?
  • Avoiding and procrastinating (you can’t avoid the crisis).
  • All types of control (although you can’t control it, we all try to control it).
  • Quitting, exiting (you cannot leave the world).
  • Anger, complaining, and lashing out at others are all acceptable, but only make the situation worse.
  • Worrying (yes, it’s happening a lot).

If our normal ways of dealing with uncertainty and worry don’t work now, what are we supposed to do?

You can panic. Or we can meditate. We have the option to meditate.

What Meditation Can Do Now

Meditation is not magic. However, it can be a treatment for anxiety and uncertainty.

Let’s see what it can do in these times of increased fear:

  • Help us recognize when we get caught up in anxious thoughts. You can take action if you notice it.
  • Please help us to recognize the feelings that arise for us and which we may not be able to notice.
  • By allowing our awareness to be absorbed in the sensations of our bodies, you can interrupt the thought patterns that keep us awake or asleep.
  • Remain calm and realize that things aren’t dangerous at the moment. They are actually okay
  • When we have to do something, keep calm and focused

These are only a few of the benefits meditation can bring. There’s more to meditation. It’s well worth the effort.

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How to Make a Meditation Habit

It’s possible to start a meditation practice if you don’t have one. You can also start it again if you have done it before.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Choose a time. Let’s say you choose 7 a.m. each morning. It’s better to choose something that you do every day and tie it to that event, such as right after your shower or when you wake up.
  2. Create a reminder. You can remind yourself to put the reminder on your calendar and phone every day so that you don’t forget. You can also write a note on paper so you will see it. It is common to forget to practice the habit in the beginning.
  3. Set a 2 minute timer Once you are ready to meditate, find a place to relax (a couch or chair is okay), and set a timer to only 2 minutes. Although it is very brief, it can be a great way of starting a new habit. Start small so it is easier to keep. If you stick to it, you can increase the time by a few minutes each 7 days.
  4. Pay attention to your breathing. It is easy to focus your attention on the breath. Simply turn your mind to the breath and stay there for 2 minutes. If your mind wanders to thoughts, but not if, simply notice it and return to the breath. It happens to everyone. Keep going back to your breath.
  5. Thank yourself when the timer goes off. Gratitude is a great way to keep a habit going. Recognize the benefits of this small habitual practice and thank yourself for your effort.

Although it’s simple, you need to see the benefits. Otherwise you will continue to ignore them.

Zen Habits Meditation Area

Three meditations per day is our goal.

  • Morning meditations guided by Coyote, who is the operations director for Zen Habits.
  • Meditations for mid-day, led by Leo Babauta (me), only 15-20 minutes
  • Evening meditations are not guided, just silently sitting together

See the schedule (it may change) and the link for the meditation room. Join us!

Daily Meditation Challenge

This challenge is meant to help you develop a daily meditation practice.

Here’s how it works.

  • We challenge you to meditate for just a few minutes each day. Tips on how to do it are included.
  • Every week, we provide articles and videos, as well as guided meditations, that will help you with your challenge.
  • In the middle of each month, I host a live webinar with a talk and Q&A where you can ask any questions.
  • You can join a group of people who are doing this challenge together. We also offer weekly check-ins for support and accountability.

Are you ready to give it a try?

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