Physical Symptoms Of Higher Vibration

The media and what we consume might have led some of us to believe that getting to a higher vibration requires only hard work.

While commitment and practice are essential, what we sometimes are unaware off is that just as our physical bodies ache after a workout, our spiritual selves will do the same thing. When that happens, it manifests itself in the physical.

If you just got into an intense spiritual practice and started feeling unwell, it could be that you are displaying the physical symptoms of a higher vibration.

Don’t run to the doctor just yet if you have the following symptoms. What is happening is that whatever had your chakra blocked is being cleaned out of your system.


When the Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra is expanding as you grow your spirituality and connection with the divine, there will be some tension in your mind. When that happens, know that it is a sign of growth. One can have frequent headaches or even migraines.

If that happens, use some calming techniques that allow your mind to relax. You can also ask the Higher Power you are connected for healing and the tenacity to withstand the expansion.

Being absent-minded

A lot is going on within you, from your thoughts to your emotions. Being present when you are experiencing an energy shift becomes harder. Instead, you’ll be lost in your inner world.

You’ll have a harder time concentrating on tasks and even when people are talking. Stuttering in response is also common because your thoughts are jumbled up.

The Vishudha Chakra or the Throat Chakra is also experiencing a change so self-expression will be affected until you’re able to find your inner truth to be able to speak it.

You might be in this space for a while, but it helps to know what you’re going through, so pushing yourself to be present is more natural.

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Stomach upset

When the Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra is expanding, you will feel a lot of disturbances in your digestive system because that is where this chakra sits.

The power shift happens as you are coming into your identity and letting go of the old you. Nausea is also another issue that people have.

It has to do with the body looking for physical ways to expel negative aspects attached to our identity. You can take home remedies and herbs to relieve the symptoms.

Flu-like symptoms

It’s not flu seasons, but you are feeling weak and even feverish. Don’t reach for medication because that would be treating a spiritual condition with a physical solution.

When you are in this state, especially after a deep connection with your chakras, take it easy and let it pass. You can, however, use natural remedies to ease off the symptoms.

Joint pains and muscle ages

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You might wake up feeling like you ran a marathon, with every part of your body aching. That is because you have but in the spiritual realm.

Your body is feeling the effects of your intensity to expand your spirituality to be one with The Divine, yourself, others, and the world around.

It also marks the release of the blockages in your body to be flushed out naturally, and it even an invitation to figure out what follows is best, so you’re not overwhelmed.

It could mean adjusting the time you take to chant, tap, Reiki, crystal therapy, and the like to something more manageable.

Emotionally overwhelmed

Flipping out on someone because they misplaced your items is an indication that you are experiencing an energy shift. You could also cry, and things people do and say can feel overly sensitive to you, especially where before you could dismiss them.

When you’re energy is shifting, you feel more than the average you or person. It is your body coming into awareness and ridding itself of the blockages.

If you feel like crying over something that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t hold it in. Let tears flow as they cleanse your Inner Person.

Sensory sensitivity

Apart from being emotionally overwhelmed, your five senses will also become sensitive. Tastes and smells that were not a bother before will become more apparent.

Being in such a state can trigger someone to be irritated and touchy. Being in this space, you can use journaling and meditation to remove the negative energy from within you that is trying to be flashed out. You can also choose to not participate in activities that trigger you for the time being.


If you have woken up and not felt like participating in life, it is because the shift in energy is taking place. It is a tasking experience to the body, although a worthwhile one. If you find that you want to take a nap in the afternoon even after sleeping the required hours for a good night’s sleep, then don’t beat yourself up.

If you’re in a position to take a nap; it’s not that you are lazy suddenly, your body does need the time to adjust to the shifts taking place and rest is an excellent way to achieve that.

You can also exercise and opt for a healthier diet to help bring your body some relief. You want to do things that will boost your energy levels, not deplete them further.


Along with fatigue, you’ll find that you’re having a hard time falling asleep. It is also common to wake up in the middle of the night and to be able to go through the day without sleep. When that happens, don’t jump on the idea of getting work down or be active.

Instead, use that time to do some relaxing activities such as reading a book or listening to monaural beats with color noise for relaxation.

You want to keep your body at rest because with the new energy you’re experiencing comes with unblocking and healing. You don’t want to disturb that aspect even when you cannot sleep.


A standard part of the spiritual journey to raise your vibration is that you’ll be aware of everything that you have done wrong previously. It also becomes abundantly clear to you all the things that are wrong with the world and your place in it.

You will also experience cognitive dissonance where there is a conflict between the beliefs you hold and what you know to be true in your Inner Person. When you’re in this state, have a look at the thoughts and opinions that you have.

Assessing them and realigning them will help the depression pass faster. You can also do loving things for yourself to uplift you and positively reinforce the progress you’re making.

Panic attacks

When your energy shifts, you will have panic-like symptoms. Your heart will flutter; you will have breathing problems as though going into a full blown panic attack. For another, they will pace involuntarily with their emotions on overdrive.

When you experience all these issues, the chakras related to the overall abdomen and the heart is undergoing a massive energy shift.

In essence, it is like your body is unaware of what is happening on a conscious level and ends up going into a panic. If that happens, remind yourself that you are merely experiencing the effects of getting to a higher vibration.

It is best that you use relaxing techniques such as tapping while saying positive affirmations too.

Hot flashes and sweating

Energy brings about heat, and when you’re increasing our vibrations, you are bound to experience hot flashes and sweating during the day or in your sleep. It happens to both men and women. As your body gets used to the vibration use tactics that can help slow down the passing of energy through your chakras.

Wrap up

Even as you are experiencing all these seemingly adverse reactions to changing to a higher vibration, it should be an indication that you’re indeed on the right track. Apart from the physical symptoms state, you will find that you’re making changes in your life.

For example, you might want to take walks more in nature to soothe your spirit.

You’ll also find that you are inclined to make healthier dietary changes because you feel that your body is demanding for these changes. Even your taste in music and the type of activities that you once enjoyed will shift.

It can be overwhelming to experience all these changes at once, but you do have to trust the process. It is for your greater good as you unblock your chakras and bring you to a deeper connection with the Higher Power, yourself and with others.

What remains to do on your part is to treat yourself with compassion because the journey you have chosen is not comfortable.

Equally, embrace the shift from the old to the new, letting go of what no longer serves you and ushering in what does. That applies in all areas of your life.

You can journal the changes that come to you so that you’re able to chronical your transformation. It will serve as a powerful tool for yourself and also allow you to share the wisdom of your change with others.