Relationship Between Numerology and Astrology

Have you ever wondered if there was a link between astrology and numerology? These two seemingly unrelated disciplines fuel one another. undefined The relationship between numerology and astrology has been well established. Numerology is a study of the divine language of numbers which will provide you with clues about your past, present, and future. When you do the math of it all, there are 201 key numbers in numerology. Knowing these key numbers will help you unlock your destiny.

What is Numerology and Astrology?

Numerology is a symbolic understanding of numbers, especially according to how they symbolize human qualities rather than referring to numbers in relation to mathematics. Astrology refers to the art and science of interpreting and predicting events and trends on the basis of astronomical phenomena collectively known as horoscopes.

These two symbolic forms of prediction require the student to obtain birth information, according to time and date of birth, including hour, minute and second . As per numerology, it is a kind of belief system in which bears significant meaning to the way the world operates. It is also considered as an alternative look at understanding reality.

Astrology is one type of divination system that was created in ancient times when the study of astronomy was still in its infancy. The student’s birth information can either be used in numerology or in astrology to foretell the future.

Astrology includes several names in its complete framework, which can be challenging to analyze individually. Hence understanding numerology is crucial because numbers disclose the qualities of the future events. However, millions of people around the world believe in astrology. This shows numerology is a unique and powerful system of prediction that has numerous followers.

Numerology is the study of numbers in our lives. This ranges from their causation to their effects on us in daily life. Astrology, on the other hand is based on the alignment of stars in the sky.

We look at planets and understand how they can effect us from a distance or from a location not from our own birth. Astrology is the study of influences big and small that affect our lives. It operates on many dimensions, but its foundation is in the position of stars and planets at the time of birth. Numerology is the calculation of a person’s personality based on their birth date.

In the western world, numerology is much more popular than astrology. However, in less developed countries astrology prevails, because the idea of fate and destiny moves them more. In Eastern countries, where karma is important to personal success, astrology is more predominant.

There are many different types of numerology; some even include astrology into its cycles, while others separate numerology and astrology.

What is the Difference Between Astrology and Numerology

There are several fundamental differences between astrology and numerology. Astrology is based on empirical research of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Pluto.

It is also based on charts in which different celestial bodies have their own unique influence in the life of planetary systems. Numerology is easier to learn because it uses numbers that correspond with names or letters in alphabetical order.

Numerology has no numeric order to it and is based on strings of numbers. Astrology, by contrast, is more complicated and has zodiac signs influence it. It divides the wheel of stars into 12 different areas and with over 38 constellations in each one.

The difference lies in the zodiac’s 12 Western constellations that are mapped specifically across the ecliptic including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer or Leo. In the Eastern zodiac, zodiac signs are regularly placed at intervals of 30 degrees along a horseshoe shape around the eastern ecliptic.

Western astrology utilizes the 12 zodiac signs throughout horoscopes giving them more of a focal point. In this case, there is a likelihood of a couple’s compatibility being riddled with difficulty if the signs binding the spouses are alike.

So, for Western astrology, it can be disastrous if the marriage does not unite two diverse signs. There’s obviously no easy way to determine compatibility except by doing a horoscope and considering all variables, but the combination of both the western and eastern signs also produces different results.

Astrology is a form of divination that has been believed for thousands of years. Generally, astrologists will say that their forecasts are based on a person’s sun sign, a record of the astronomical characteristics of a given day which experts correlate with people born on the same day.

For numerologists, it’s all about interpreting numbers and letters from names or events to derive meaning. In general, traditional numerologists focus on practicality while astrologers tend to be more mysticist in nature.

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How does Numerology affect Astrology?

Numerology shares some similarities with astrology because both are more or less based on numbers.

Astrology and numerology work by translating the vibrations that exist in the cosmos into symbols found on earth. Astrology is based on the movement of planets and planetary cycles; this then gets translated into something you can easily interpret. The numbers themselves translate into twists, turns, kinks, and gridlock within our lives.

The numbers themselves are modern day gods, because the ancient Greeks and Romans assigned each Roman something they thought represented them. For example, people with a number 9 personality have a natural sensitivity, gracefulness and a love for all things extreme. Likewise, if you have a number 5 personality type, you are comfortable in the muddy water where most people fear to tread.

A love of numbers can make a person unique, but they need to know how to interpret them in a friendly way. So before we officially define what is considered great in this world of astrology and numerology, we need to look at the history of where it comes from.

Not only do we celebrate our heroes, but what is a hero to one person may be a villain to another. While Aristotle was the one who developed the first full scale system of astrology, it wasn’t before 500 BC that his works were accepted and used by the Greeks.

A crafty craft indeed! In those days certain people had a very firm belief in the good and bad nature of people and there was a perfect personification of this idea! These people were always up to something.

They were very wise and they were always there to watch what everyone else was doing, reading the stars! Overtime these individuals evolved to become the Star Lords … NOT STARS! The term “Star Lord” apply to three different entities that were there at different stages of history; 1) the Greek God of Lightning, Zeus 2) the Moon god Thoth had “personality virtues” that were never able to be removed.

It was basically put there in the beginning by Yahweh. Thoth is still there today in a more Jesus oriented way thru Jesus. He has evolved into a spirit that now is responsible for the star guides. These three spirits (the two original Gods and Jesus) do not need bodies like we do. (Thoth, Zeus and Jesus) These beings are the ones who were the light producers for this planet.

Although numerology is being used as a tool for predicting future or making predictions, its history has been much vaguer than that . Based entirely on random combinations of letters, dates, and numbers the ancients believed that the combined power of numbers were able to sway man’s destiny in their favor or against him.

At the time they made comments about numbers, the writers in question were uneducated so unimpressed by their discoveries and not willing to implement them into thinking and analysis. The principle appeared in the astronomy and mathematics of the Greeks and spread like fire through cultural history.

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How can Numerology and Astrology help you?

One benefit of numerology which is similar to astrology is that it can help you understand your personality traits. Numbers help us see the energy around us and its significance. Perfect examples of this would be how numerology can help first impressions, or numerology compatibility.

As you can see due to their infinite potential, both numerology and astrology are present in many aspects of our lives to help guide us towards higher selves. Numerology and Astrology can help us understand the Universe, offering a knowledge of how it works, who we are in relation to its vast mysteries and a tool to assist us in understanding how the world, people interact with each other.

People who find themselves attracted to both numerology and astrology are very curious, open to the mind opening concepts that are hidden out of our view. We often find ourselves drawn to these subjects because they are compelling, but only because the Universe is holding up an open flame under your feet.

Anyone who has had insight into themselves will know that it is difficult to step back into the mundane world of non-awareness. You are living your life in inner thought or perhaps self-doubt dialogue, but it is a choice, a conscious action that you have made to remain in that place of separation from the All.

You may have reasons for hovering into the thought prison, for it is a form of recycling your experiences with the distractions of Maya, but if you are still afraid to step into that place , if you will still only “see” with the eyes of your mind, something else is needed. Something that works through your body, something that frees your intellect and allows you to make the journey back into the space of All Consciousness.

Go into that place to allow to feel the energy of Your God Force flowing through your heart and return to that place trusting that you will “mount the higher vibration” Now you know the truth about the dark space beyond. Now go within and hold It’s Strength. You know It’s Truth now.

It is True sunshine coming into this space to heal us all and You KNOW that It is real!Open the mind’s eye that man has been trained to block from awareness to allow God Love to show you the worlds of Sense, Soul and Inner Being.In conscious open-mindedness release any control you have over the mind, creating a temporary state of “non-belief” on false paradigms of reality for this truth to rise out of the darkness and become known.

A change of perception creates a new higher vibration in your daily life, an opening to spiritual experience and form God is the only lie we create, God is Unity and Splendor.

It is God in these Ripples of Love and Light which we bring into the world in direct uncrossed meeting, where in Consciousness with our heart open we receive the Divine within. Meanings of Perception. The way I kinda see it is that you have a thought process happening in your mind, now you have an idea about those same thoughts being the “Holy Grail” as spark for a greater awareness to come out.

Whether you’re looking to find love, guidance, and purpose in your life professionally and personally,Numerology and Astrology provide a way for you to use the magic of math to proactively shape your future. However, there is an ongoing discussion about the idea that Astrology and Numerology can be used to create material wealth.

When you think of a numerical sequence or numerological pattern, what do you first think? Though some people believe that each person is on a unique path on this Earth , we each have the same numbers, and we all share a personal destiny because of our birth date.

Whether you’re doing it for family, financial, or medical purposes, it’s becoming more and more accepted that these numbers have a real impact on who we are and how we function in the world. At this point we can tell you that there is a numerical pattern that runs across the entire globe.

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The conclusion to be drawn purely from this discussion is that numerology and astrology are two different sciences that complement each other in revealing character traits, moods, and the future of the individual.

For example, while numerology reveals details about one’s personality, an astrologer would focus on his or her timing periods. A numerologist would be keen to know this while working with an individual so as to ensure he or she maximizes the time period by choosing the right way to accomplish whatever needs be done on any given day.

Astrologer: A person who practices astrology and astrology systems and charge for services, especially horoscope readings. Astrology is a study, made up of various methods and approaches, that mainly involves seeing how things (planets, constellations, directions, and special characteristics) in the sky happen to relate to us and how we relate to them.

Each astrological system has its own set of rules that are related to the positions, positions, and characteristics of each planet in space. Astrology has influenced numerology for centuries. Numerology, which is the study of numbers, was born out of astrology, but numerologists have railed against this thought for years. Conclusion: Yep! Putting these two together is a good idea.

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