Signs You Have Negative Energy Attached To You

If you’re going through an extended period where you’re in a funk, and things seem not to be looking up, it might be that you have negative energy attached to you.

It starts subtly, but as negative energy colonizes your inner life, the manifestation of it becomes evident. You feel that people drain your energy when you used to enjoy crowds.

For some reason, even after getting enough hours of sleep, you find yourself wanting and also taking naps.

When you start noticing changes without you that are out of character, then it is likely negative energy has attached itself to you, and it’s slowly draining you.

Think of how, when we are happy, we feel energized and getting tasks done seems easier. What about when you’re down or in a bad mood? It feels like everything you’re doing is sucking energy from you.

As we explore other signs that might lead to an evaluation of your current energy, keep that illustration in mind for a clear understanding.

Why knowing the kind of energy within you is important

Energy flows. If your boss walks in with a sour mood and yells at everyone, when they leave, everyone will feel that their mood has been ruined.

What about if you were all laughing over something and then the boss came in and did the same thing?

You’ll find that your mood will be affected temporarily, but you’ll all soon be able to bounce back and find something to laugh about.

That’s the same with our inner lives. If we maintain a positive attitude, bouncing back even after trying times takes a shorter time.

When we’re in the pits, and something negative happens, we feel even worse, as though it just go darker around us.

That’s why it is essential to know what kind of energy you have at any given time. Life will throw at you some nasty things, but your aura will help you navigate them with more grace.

If you’re wondering how to increase the positive vibration within you, there are tons of ways to do so. It could be through meditation, positive affirmation, or even exercises to enhance the dopamine level.

Find what works for you. It is worth the investment and effort so that even when life knocks you down, you don’t stay down forever. Let’s explore a few ways to know the kind of energy you have.

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How do you know if you have negative energy attached to you?

Energy flows from within us into the outside world. The simplest approach to determine if you have negative energy is by watching the fruits you produce.

What does that refer to? If your feelings, thoughts, words, and attitude about the world around you are negative, it means this unlikable energy is attached to you.

It is on days like these where you lose your car keys, forget an important meeting, and stain your shirt with mustered despite your peers calling you a pro hotdog eater. Let’s dive in deeper.

1. You complain a lot

Complaining, and continuously so, shows discontentment or mainly being angry about something.

We’re taught to think that we are venting and letting the negative vibes out, but when done more than once or twice, then it means that you’re harboring the very thing you’re claiming to get rid of.

Complaining about your boss, politicians, and the current state of affairs appears to be the norm, but they do next to nothing to change the underlying issue.

Way forward: Reinhold Niebuhr is known for the fantastic prayer “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

We all ought to consider living with the same attitude so that we can know what battles to fight to bring change and what to let go of.

Such a mindset is also more empowering because people who complain do so because they have the perception that they cannot change anything.

2. You’re always in a bad mood

Complaining is not the only way to know if you have negative energy attached to you. As mentioned, your overall mood lets you see the space you’re in.

Some people end up withdrawing or getting into substance abuse because they are feeling anxious or depressed.

As soon as you feel yourself in this state or notice you’ve been in it for a while, it’s advisable that you take steps to transform yourself.

Not doing so leads to general health issues, addiction, and even in extreme cases, clinical depression. Things that you do not deal with when they are just starting to take root into your life and ridding yourself of them becomes more complicated.

Way forward: practicing mindfulness is a fantastic tool in helping you continually aware of the mood you’re in. When you’re aware that you’re irritable, you merely have to get to the bottom of why you are and change your outlook.

For example, if someone you rely on always disappoints you, you can learn not to put your hopes in them and find alternatives.

In some cases, you will indeed have to develop healthy coping mechanisms should you be unable to change the underlying issue. Even refusing to get upset is a great way to remain happy.

3. You’re always tired

Some changes happen almost overnight, while others happen gradually. If you were to sadly lose your job unexpectedly, getting out of bed would be a tremendous job. In some case, it starts with hitting the snooze alarm, then getting late to work by a few minutes and then calling in sick.

That is all even after getting enough hours of sleep. When you feel that doing tasks is taking you unbelievable effort, like even getting out of bed, it is an indication that you have harmful energy dwelling within you.

Doing normal things shouldn’t feel like you’re solving coordinates to space; if they do, it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

Way forward: Journaling is an excellent way to let bad energy out. Writing down your thoughts and feelings about a given issues removes it from within you and onto the page.

You also get clarity as to what is bringing about the fatigue. If you have a person or people you can talk to, plan a date, and let them know how you’re feeling.

They can give you sound advice and help you out of the funk. In the extreme case, consider talking to a therapist. Ultimately it is to bring you mental and emotional wholeness.

4. You feel that bad things always happen to you

Life overall is difficult and unfair. Bad things, as they say, don’t only happen to good people; they also happen to those we deem bad.

It doesn’t pick and choose. However, when things always keep going south in your life, it is a huge indication that you need to tend to your inner being.

Check the kind of thoughts you are having, the words you speak, and your overall attitude of what’s going on. If you have a bleak outlook of your life, you are going to manifest it into reality.

Continually worrying about losing your job takes away the energy you could be used to think of new creative ideas and self-improvement.

Dumbing down your achievements may have your boss think you are indispensable.

Assuming that the organization is a slave master will instill the desire to rebel.

Way forward: Our thoughts, words, and attitudes are powerful tools that if we use wrongly, they will affect us negatively. Instead, change how you view life so that you can always see opportunities.

If you get a warning latter, instead of giving up hope, look at it as a chance to get back on your game and become indispensable.

How you look at the bad things in your life matters a lot in how you move forward and live the life you wish to have.

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Changing your worldview to gain positive energy

You won’t become an optimist overnight if you’re used to seeing the worst in the world. It takes time and practice to change. It might feel that you’re not doing enough, but little by little, you’ll notice the change you desire.

Enlightened figures in society that we look up to were not born that way. Some of them fair off better because of their temperament, but not everyone born a ray of sunshine remains so their entire life.

When the universe throws things at you, it’s understandable to get upset. It is why we have the human capacity to be sad, angry, irritated, guilt, and the like.

However, these emotions are an invitation for course correction. They let us know what happened was as a result of wrong decision making from our part or another party, and thus, we ought to do something to make better choices.

The good thing is a charm like the Hamsa, an ancient symbol for protection, can help you ward off negative energy.