Spiritual Meaning Of Waking Up At 1Am

I once nursed a terminally ill relative. I was shaken when in her last moments she could see and converse with invisible people, especially long-dead relatives.

For a long time, I attributed this to hallucinations but kept wondering why she only saw dead people. I only managed to solve this mystery recently, when I learned about the liminal space.

This is the threshold, or in-between spaces between 2 states of matter or being. My late relative, for example, was at the threshold of or in-between life and afterlife.

It is believed that at liminal spaces, the veil separating the spiritual and physical realms is thin, so manifestations of the spiritual can be seen in the physical. Maybe a deeper look into this concept will make it clearer.

The Veil

Since we don’t always see spiritual beings in our physical surrounding, there must be some sort of boundary containing each realm.

The veil is the metaphorical boundary separating the physical and the spiritual realms.

In other words, it separates the physical world and the spiritual one. In reality, though, these two worlds intermingle or are interconnected. Any barrier separating them must, therefore, be an illusion.

It is no wonder then that the veil is sometimes referred to as the veil of illusion because it only serves to constrain or limits the physical you from infinite spiritual awareness.

The concept of the veil is common in many religions, including Christianity (2 Cor. 3:16).

All the same, it is not unusual to get some beyond the physical experiences, like seeing non-physical beings like ghosts, getting clear direction and inspiration from spirit, partaking of a multi-dimensional self, higher awareness tuning or expanding your consciousness. This happens when the veil thins or dissolves. With practice, this can be consciously triggered.

What Causes the Veil to Thin

Veils thin naturally due to plasma light influxes and ascension energy which trigger people to encounter higher consciousness and direct spiritual experiences. As more people reach beyond the veil, it thins even faster.

Consciously directing attention to the spiritual realms helps give you the beyond the veil glimpses, which are either spontaneous or conscious.

Such spiritual experiences open up your psychic abilities. In times like Halloween/Samhain, or the witching hour, and in certain places the veil is naturally thinner.

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When and where the veil is thinnest

The times and locations when the veil is thinner generally occur in the Liminal space – thresholds or in-between spaces. Significant luminal spaces include:

  • Meteor Craters – the space and earth ‘in-between.’
  • Volcanoes/Hotsprings – the earth core and earth surface threshold
  • Sunset – the in-between of day and night
  • Witching hour – the threshold of midnight and dawn
  • Samhain: in-between summer and winter
  • Beltane: in-between winter and summer
  • The hypnogogic state: In-between dreaming and waking
  • Waterfalls: in-between water and air
  • Tunnels or Natural Arches: in-between earth and air
  • Mist or Fog: in-between water and air

Meditation is a sure way of consciously peeling away a thin veil. However, even people who are not consciously attuned to the spirit realm, sometimes also have a run-in with it.

Run-ins with the Spiritual Realm

The thinning of the veil is never without event, though not everyone feels it. People highly sensitive to energy changes or those who for some reason can sense energy shifts around them are worst hit at this time.

Some signs that the veil has thinned are:

  • Really rough sleep: trouble falling and staying asleep. Many times you wake up at the same time at night, and not because of noise outside.
  • Vivid weird dreams
  • Seeing or distinctly feeling spiritual beings in your house
  • Weird behavior by your pets as though they are reacting to things invisible
  • Getting sick and run-down – not the ordinary ailments you sometimes encounter like a cold in a certain season.
  • Feeling unusually emotional and out of sorts
  • Being highly intuitive
  • Getting non-existent smells, yet you are not having a stroke
  • Unexplainable hot and cold flashes – it’s neither an illness nor hormonal changes.

You may experience all or only a few of these signs. How you sanely survive the thinning of the veil entirely depends on your personal beliefs or lack thereof.

The Christian’s remedy is totally different from that of the traditionalist, for example.

The spiritual meaning of waking up at 1am

Uninterrupted sleep is crucial for the body’s rejuvenation and optimal performance the next day. There are times when we are unable to sleep. Before embarking on deeper causes, it is always important to rule out the following natural physical culprits, first:

  • Anxiety
  • Irregular blood glucose
  • Acid reflux
  • Hormone changes
  • Menopause
  • Sleep apnea
  • Thyroid problems
  • Nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Changes in body temperature

Failure to address the root cause of your sleep interruption can result in an irritable zombie (read, you!). Relax, help is on the way!

Most times, consistent sleep disruption at 1am is a result of spiritual beings using the sleep/consciousness liminal space to communicate with you.

We will tackle what consistently waking up at 1am means spiritually, from 3 angles or schools of thought.

The Oriental Explanation

1am is a time you should be relaxed in deep sleep while the body recovers from the day’s activities and restores your energy. Consistent waking up at this time could mean that:

  • You have accumulated in your heart, worries and resentments that now give you a hard time at night.
  • You could be emotionally disappointed
  • You could be struggling with indecisiveness, timidity, and fear
  • You have issues with your heart, liver, gall bladder or circulation
  • You could be concerned about your appearance and weight.

You see traditional Chinese medicine uses the concept of energy meridians flowing in the human body. These energy meridians are widely used in acupuncture and acupressure. They network to an internal clock system that energizes different body parts at different times. Waking up repeatedly at the same time is an indication of the blockage of energies in the corresponding body part or the emotions associated with it.

1am is a sort of liminal space in itself, because, in traditional Chinese medicine, 11pm – 1am timeframe corresponds to the energy meridian of the gall bladder.

On the other hand, the 1am – 3am timeframe is associated with liver energy meridian. At exactly 1am therefore, the body focus is shifting from the gall bladder to the liver. There could, therefore, be an overlap of blocked energy from the 2 organs.

The liver is associated with emotions that deal with planning and organization, while the gall bladder is associated with decisiveness and execution.

The gall, therefore, holds the capacity for bravery and courage. You have probably heard of the expression, ‘having the gall to do something.’

Whereas weakness in the energy meridians from the liver is linked to unresolved frustration, anger and negative emotions, a gall bladder energy imbalance results in timidity, fear and inability to act.

This may be from emotional disappointment, where one feels they are giving more than they receive. It could be that they don’t know how to make themselves happy and so rely on other people’s goals and perceptions, for approval.

In the long run, a healthy diet is important for the optimal functioning of all body organs. To address the immediate sleep disturbance challenge, relaxing in the evening before going to sleep is key.

Meditation, light yoga exercises, ambient music, and a good book are some strategies you can use. Thinking through the events of the day that led to fear or anger and consciously letting go are good remedies.

Finally, taking some cold water, practicing mantras and trying to forgive and accept yourself the way you are may offer some immediate relief.

The Christian Explanation

Christianity is cautious in interactions with just about any spirit in the spiritual realm because most of these are seen as having evil intentions. If anything, except for the divine Holy Spirit, all other spirits are spontaneously rebuked.

All the same, the concept of spiritual beings making an appearance in the physical realm remains the same. When you consistently wake up at a given time, the Holy Spirit may have a message for you, or may be prompting you to pray for something specific.

Actually, many Christians consciously choose to wake up and intercede for particular things at specific times.

In Christianity, the 24- hour day is divided into 8 watches of 3 hours each. There are 4 such watches during the day and 4 others at night. Each watch is significant for specific kinds of prayer. 2am falls in the 3rd watch of the night that runs from 12am – 3am.

Christians believe that there is lots of evil spirits activity during this watch, which is also called the witching hour. It is the most demonic part of the night, starting at midnight when witches, Satanists, and warlocks start having their fun and evil incantations.

The devil has free reign to operate at this time because men are deeply asleep and not many people are praying to oppose him.

During this watch, dreams flow freely. Often we are awakened by the dreams God sends our way. Many times God uses visions and dreams to guide and instruct us. He also uses them to highlight areas we need to concentrate our prayers on. Unfortunately, the devil also uses dreams (nightmares) to rob us of our peace.

When the Holy Spirit wakes at this time, do not be intimidated by the daunting task but know that He will guide you. Pray for the following:

  • Against satanic attacks and seek divine protection for yourself, marriages, family members, churches and communities.
  • Command your morning and set issues in place, before evil spirits ruin them. Block accidents or any mayhem they may want to cause.
  • Confront every distraction and storm of destruction blocking God’s provision and blessing. Speak calm and peace to every confusion in your path.
  • Be keen to hear God’s instructions and write them down for later reference.
  • Release from every prison situation, and present your own needs to God.

General relaxing habits before your bedtime like leaving your window open for about half hour before going to bed to provide fresh air, reading and meditating on the word of God, and soothing music are tonics for quality sleep.

Psychic/Traditional Explanation

As already discussed, the liminal space between the middle of the night and dawn is one of the times the veil separating the physical realm from the spiritual realm thins.

It is known as the witching hour, though it spans more than one hour. While some people think it runs from 1am-3am, others place it at 3am – 5am. Others yet narrow it to 4am – 5am. Our discussion places the witching hour at 1am-3am.

What happens at the witching hour?

Though nothing is concrete about what it really is, there is a lot of folklore about the witching hour. Some of the beliefs about it include:

  • It’s the time the veil between the dead and the living thins allowing free passage of ghosts and demons into the physical world
  • Psychics and witches are more powerful at this time
  • Lost souls wandering our physical world
  • Spirits are able to visit humans of their choice

What should you do when you wake up at 1am in order to receive the message from the spirit world?

  • When jolted awake up, stay on your back. Take at least three deep, long breaths. Feel and embrace the new energy flowing through your body since it is what you need to make changes that will get you to your highest potential.
  • Next, relax and close your eyes. Looking through your mind’s eye, be keen on what appears. It may initially be a number, letter, number, symbol or word. To remember this vision when you wake up in the morning, consider recording it in a dream journal.
  • Concentrate on the message given and decide to work on its message when you wake up in the morning. You should be able to fall back asleep quickly if your mind correctly absorbed the message. If not, the message has a problem. Repeat the steps.
  • The next morning, revisit the symbol and try to unravel the message. Be patient as this may take time. Meditation may help you open your mind so you comprehend the message.
  • Success in this brings you normal sleep again but if you still keep waking up then more work is in store. Be patient until you discover the complete message.

If You Wake At 1am, You May Have Psychic Powers :


The existence of some things only makes sense to the person experiencing them. The truth is, being jostled out of sleep at 1am is not always peaceful.

Heck, some of the spirit visitors are not gentle. They leave you panicked, chilled and shaken. From experience, I have learned that keeping Grounding stones on hand quite helpful.