The 12 Houses in Astrology

The 12 astrological houses are shaped like a wheel. The sun’s annual rotation around the earth is the basis of the zodiac wheel. The houses are determined by the earth’s 24-hour rotation about its axis. It sounds a bit confusing. It can be confusing, so it is best to view the 12 houses of astrology as pieces of a clock. Each of the 12 segments is a different area of life. For example, the 1st house focuses on self. The following houses expand outward (moving clockwise on the wheel), to include topics such as family, love, and career.

The 12 Astrological Houses

  • First House: Self, body, appearance
  • Second House: Value, money, self-worth and possessions
  • Third House: Communication, early schooling, siblings
  • Fourth House: Home, Family, and Ancestral Patterns
  • Fifth House: Romance, creativity, and romance
  • Sixth House: Daily routines, work, and health
  • Seventh House: committed partnerships
  • Eighth House: merging, intimacy, death, transformation
  • Ninth House: Higher learning, spirituality and media relations
  • Tenth House: Career, public status, legacy
  • Eleventh House: Friendships, hopes, dreams, community
  • Twelfth House: Spirituality, endings

Astrology interprets a birth chart to reveal your unique destiny. Your birth date is unique, as are the planets and their locations. This tells us more than your sun signs. Your birth chart includes your rising sign or ascendant sign which rules your first house. The positions of the planets in the sky can give insight into how they are affecting your life right now. This will reveal any major themes or changes you might be going through. This is how an astrologer can determine the astrological weather of the day.

Astrology allows you to look at the current positions of the planets in the sky and see how they impact your chart. These transiting planets are different from the energies of your birth, natal or natal planets. The transiting planets light up the area of your birth chart that they visit depending on the houses they visit. This energizes the houses’ energy and helps them focus their lives. This is predictive astrology. Astrologers use this method to predict what areas of your life will be in focus in the future. This can help us determine the next steps to take for the best outcomes.

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First House

The First House is ruled over by the powerful and masculine Mars. The sign at the cusp (starting edge), of this house is called your rising sign or ascendant sign. This is the sign of the Eastern horizon that rose at the exact time of your birth. The First House corresponds to Aries. This house can be viewed as the moment the sun rose at your beginning of life. This house is the House of Self. It is one of the 12 houses of the Zodiac. It gives insight into our personality, appearance, drive, self-image and personal views. Your personality and perceptions of others will be greatly affected by any planets that are transiting or in your birth chart.
The First House covers all “firsts” in your life, including first impressions, taking initiative, new starts, and new beginnings. These new beginnings are about you as an individual. They ask questions such as: Who am I? What is your potential? Who will you become? Which path is best for you? The First House is about reaching your highest personal potential and recognizing how you can make a difference in the world.

This area of your birth chart can provide insight into your early childhood experiences, leadership skills, and self-expression. It is also the place you put on when you meet other people.

Second House

The House of Possessions is the second house. It is ruled over by Venus. This corresponds to the zodiac sign Taurus. The Second House invites us to think about value. This house invites you to consider the following questions: What value do you place on your property? What are you currently owning and what do your future plans? What are your reasons for wanting to own and acquire certain items?

The house does not only have to be tangible. This house also requires you to own your emotions and feelings, as well as taking ownership of yourself. The Second House governs our self-worth. The Second House is the most important. It reveals how secure and self-worth we have. What is the relationship between your actions and your emotions? You should think hard about how you spend your money. How does your self-worth and how much money you earn affect each other? Is it important how you earn it, how much you make and what you spend it for?

The house encourages you to be aware of all five senses. It is so important to feel the pleasures of touch, taste, and smell. The Second House is ruled by Venus, which means that beauty exploration (mostly in relation how it can be obtained) is possible here. How do you relate to luxury? This is a discussion about home decoration. Are you a person who longs for the finest things in life, but cannot afford them? The Second House reminds us that the people you surround ourselves with can have a direct effect on your feelings.

The Second House includes income potential, banking investments, savings and loans, wealth, budgeting, financial status, and banking.

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Third House

The House of Communication is also known as the Third House. It is governed by the fast-paced Mercury. This house corresponds to the zodiac sign Geomini and has everything to do about how you communicate with other people. It governs our thinking patterns, speaking style, language, logic, and technology (computers cell phones, apps video games, etc.). It serves to remind you how versatile, powerful and quick your mind is. The spirit of the Third House is to harness your intelligence and find a way for others to use it. The Third House would have a motto: Think. Process. Share. Repeat.

The Third House covers matters closer to the socially-engaged Gemini’s heart. This house focuses on secondary relationships, such as siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, kindred spirits/mental links, and neighbors. The Third House covers other areas such as local and short-distance travel, libraries, pre-college school experiences, teachers, community affairs, and early (pre-college), school experiences. Here we will explore topics that are relevant to our neighbors, communities, and social/religious organizations. It is important to share what you have learned with others.

The Third House includes indicators about an individual’s taste in reading, writing, local transport (including mail deliveries) and local culture.

Fourth House

The House of Home is the fourth house and is ruled over by Moon. It corresponds to the Zodiac sign . This house represents everything that you associate with home sweet home. This house examines the meaning of “I’m Home” and includes a wide range of associations, from your ancestral roots to your endearing home, your endings, and your final resting spot.

The Fourth House is where we find our foundation. This area of your birth chart extends to your actual house. This is the area where you can find shelter and any structures that you feel safe. A feeling of belonging is another aspect of safety. You can create a feeling of safety and comfort by creating a home for you and your loved ones. This house is all about the feeling of being a refuge, the place that you call home.

The Fourth House is not only about physical structures such as houses or other real estate but also represents family history, customs, and traditions. This house also represents the idea of parents, particularly the mother or whoever is more nurturing. This person is most likely the one who helped you to develop your sense of home and what it takes to feel safe.

Privacy, security systems and children are all part of the Fourth House.

Fifth House

The sun rules the fifth house, known as the House of Pleasure. This house corresponds to the outgoing zodiac sign Leo and represents all things to do with feeling good. This house is all about creativity, artistic creation and fulfillment. The Fifth House asks: Does it feel good? Is it enjoyable? It likely falls under the Fifth House if the answer is “yes”.

The physical pleasure that comes with romance and romantic relationships is obvious. The Fifth House defines the parameters for relationships. However, it also includes the emotional satisfaction that you get from other people. Particularly if there is some risk. Many people find living on the edge pleasurable. There are also risks involved in love, money, or just general life in this house. Gambling is also possible in the Fifth House. The Fifth House is about finding pleasure in actions, whether it be from love, games, or hobbies. This is the house with the most fun out of all the houses in Astrology.

The Fifth House is a place where children and childlike joy are central themes. This allows you to rekindle the creative spirit that you experienced as a child. Here is where we can tap into our inner child. You can allow yourself to be more creative and live your life through the eyes of your children. Here you will find information on literature, art, theater, dance, and music. You and your children will enjoy any type of play that provides emotional enrichment or enjoyment. No matter what your passion, the Fifth House will bring it to life in a dramatic, big way.

The Fifth House also includes colors and sports, as well as other hobbies. The Fifth House is about the desire to feel special, be influential and escape from responsibility. Here are affairs, flings, and one-night stands.

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Sixth House

Mercury rules the Sixth House, which is also known as the House of Work and Health. What is the difference? It is the opposite of Gemini and corresponds to the Zodiac sign Virgo. Your ability to work is dependent on your health. These themes are interrelated in this house. This house will ask you: What are my weaknesses? What can I do to improve? What can I do to overcome adversity

It is inevitable that you will experience emergencies, illness, or bad luck. This house aims to help you overcome these challenges and achieve your full potential. This house is where we can discover our weaknesses and correct them. What are your bad habits? The Sixth House is all about responsibility, duty, and personal growth. This naturally extends to work and service. Employment (employees, bosses, coworkers, clients, etc.) The people you serve, or who serve you, are the main focus. This applies to all caregiving situations, including those who are dependent on you. This house has planets that remind you to be healthy, both mentally and physically, so you can do the work you have to do for others and yourself.

The Sixth House is about health and how it relates to your daily routine. This house’s themes remind us to eat well, exercise, be active, and balance work and play. This house has a strong emphasis on helping others. However, make sure to take time for you. This house has a lot of workaholic energy. This can lead to unrealistic expectations of success or energy from planets or other planets in your birth chart. To be truly healthy, it is important to manage all aspects of your life. This is what will bring you fulfillment and happiness without being too critical of others or yourself.

The Sixth House includes a cautious mindset, the pursuit of perfection, diet, medication (including natural remedies), exercise/meditation and hygiene, as well as daily chores/routines.

Seventh House

The House of Partnerships is the seventh house. It is ruled over by Venus, the loving Venus. This house is ruled by the Zodiac sign Libra and represents all things related to relationships and inter-personal interaction. It regulates all personal and professional partnerships and all matters related to them, such as contracts, business deals, etc.

This house shifts your focus away from you and questions your existence as part a partnership. You learn more by interacting, cooperating and sharing. You can achieve more by working with others than you could on your own.
Because they are more permanent, the love relationships found here differ from those in Fifth House. The Fifth House is more about pleasure and fun, so it’s more likely to be a relationship of flings or affairs than a marriage or other committed relationships. Seventh House relationships focus on commitment and sharing and are generally more than just having fun. They can be long-lasting bonds and unions.

The Seventh House also includes platonic intimacy, companionship, separations, divorce, personal/professional enemies and lawsuits.

Eighth House

The House of Sex, also known as the Eighth House, is ruled over by Pluto. This house is also ruled by mysterious Scorpio planets. This house also covers death, money and transformation. These themes are about your sexual and non-sexual relationships with others, and how you can grow and change from those experiences. This theme is all about intimacy. It could be as simple as getting a new haircut after a split or going through the long grieving process after the death of a loved one. Both can lead to a rebirth of oneself.

The Eighth House is about shared resources, things like inheritance, as well as all kinds of support (financial and emotional) that you receive from others. Here we can see how society restricts various relationships. This house is the most complicated in the birth chart. This house also includes the mysteries of life (the largest being death), the unknown, and secrets that you keep. This house is very psychological and has depth. This house is not for the superficial.

This house is known for its transformational qualities. It is also home to rituals and occult love. Here, you will find spooky and spiritual living. How you choose to celebrate, exalt, and/or remember your past has an enormous impact on who you are today. Frequently asked questions in relation to rituals such as funerals and spells are: What format will it take? What will this ritual do to help me heal/transform my body? Is this a ritual that will benefit one person or the whole group? How will it affect my legacy?

Taxes, insurance, bankruptcy and alimony are all part of the Eighth House. It is a place where you can merge beyond your body into your soul.

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Ninth House

The House of Higher Learning is also known as the Ninth House. It is ruled over by Jupiter. It is ruled by Sagittarius and deals with learning, higher mind, travel, adventure, and all things related to it. The search for the true meaning and purpose of life is a key theme in philosophy and spirituality.

The Ninth House covers all forms of learning, but also inspiration and optimism. When we think of learning and the Ninth House, we often think about college or graduate school. Here expertise and knowledge are intertwined. The Ninth House is also a place where you can travel the world and gain deeper meaning by exploring other cultures and living experiences. All it comes down to understanding yourself, others and the world around us.

The Ninth House is a strong advocate for higher education. Major areas of study include philosophy, sociology and psychology. This house will help you navigate your ideals, morals, and life’s journey. We recognize that the universe is much larger than us and that you are only a part of the vastness of the world we live in.

The Ninth House is about learning more about yourself by interacting with others. This house encourages cultural expansion and a love for new languages and cultures. This house encourages international adventures. This house encourages respect for people and cultures other than your own. You are now ready to combine your quest for truth and meaning with adventure and breathtaking views.

The Ninth House includes writing, publishing, international relations and publishing. It also includes long journeys, religion, collective thought, truth, books, writing, and writing.

Tenth House

The House of Career is the Tenth House, also known as the House of Career. It is ruled over by Sun. This house is ruled by Capricorn. It is all about your social stature, reputation, and desire to reach the top. (Like a true Capricorn.) This is a place where power and prestige are important themes, along with fame and success. We are also interested in financial gain, but don’t be alarmed. The Tenth House asks you these questions: Are your current circumstances satisfactory? What do you desire to do more? How can you best fulfil your ultimate role in society?

The Tenth House focuses on where you fit in society and what role you play in your community. This includes your career, but also the work you do. This house is the most comprehensive of all career houses. This house examines how you are actually expressing your true self. Ego, which is also tied to the Tenth House, refers to how others see you.

It is important to ask yourself how you will manage your talents and gifts, and what status they bring. This question asks you to consider how you will use your gifts and talents to the best effect. Are you using them for your own gain or to benefit society?

The Tenth House also includes honors.

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Eleventh House

The House of Friends is also known as the Eleventh House and is ruled over by wildcard Uranus. This house is linked to the social zodiac sign Aquarius. It is the most social house in the birth chart. This house is all about community, large groups, gatherings, and being social. Humanitarianism is another major theme. This area of the birth chart also contains social justice and rebellion. The Eleventh House asks you questions about your friendships. What are you willing to do for others? What do you think of your friends?

Naturally all types of groups (personal/professional clubs and organizations, etc.) All types of groups (personal/professional clubs and organizations, etc.) are allowed within the Eleventh House’s boundaries. It also includes the belief and feeling that there is strength to be found in numbers. The Eleventh House understands the power of teamwork. The power of teamwork can outweigh the efforts of each individual. It is important to strengthen those bonds through networking, and other forms.

The Eleventh House is a strong believer in the possibility for growth through the organizations you are involved. To enhance and increase the value of your life, we encourage you to build bonds and connect with other members of the community. The Eleventh House is also focused on the future. This is where we can find our long-term goals and hopes.

The Eleventh House includes collaboration, goals and electronics. It also includes surprises, inventions, science fiction technology, tends, networking, collaboration, goals, electronics and other surprising aspects. Fun fact: It also rules astrology.

Twelfth House

The House of Unconsciousness is also known as the Twelfth House. It is ruled over by the compassionate Neptune. This house is linked to the dreamy Zodiac sign Pisces. It represents your subconscious and ability avoid confrontation. Here, reality doesn’t exist. Fantasy is more appealing than dwelling on the negative. This house is also a home to dreams, intuition and psychic abilities. This house has a strong otherworldly aspect because it is the last house and the last zodiac sign. This house is the place where we meet our ends, and it is definitely one of the most esoteric houses within astrology.

The Twelfth House, also known as the House of Reckoning is the last house. It helps you look back at your past and determine where you want to go. This house is private and keeps your strengths and weaknesses secret from the public. Your subconscious is trying to make sense out of it all at the same time. This house addresses the pain of keeping everything inside, and focuses on what you keep secret from others. (Often, even the things you keep from yourself.

The Twelfth House wants to know what you can learn about your subconscious and how you can put these learnings into practice. Now is the time to confront consequences and bring about Karma. This is where we can change our lives. This house also represents the lighter things that your subconscious creates like imaginative ideas, whimsical thoughts and fun dreams. This house is full of creativity and artistic talent.

This house is the last and recognizes your tendency towards being stuck/confined in your life. Therefore, institutions like hospitals, prisons, hospitals, and other institutions are also represented. The Twelfth House includes art, music and dance as well as the afterlife, hidden agendas, compassion/empathy, drugs/alcohol, and sacrifices.

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