The Scorpio Man: All You Wanted To Know

Scorpio Male Signs

He is intense. 

This personality trait defines Scorpio. You can see his intense nature in his eyes and his fixating stare. His eyes are among the most perceptive of all the zodiac. If you want to determine if someone is Scorpio, keep your eyes aligned with theirs. Scorpios can’t help but reveal themselves. His eyes will always show him.

He is passionate. 

Scorpio lives, breathes and loves passion. This is also one of his most distinctive characteristics. He won’t respond passionately to anything or anyone if it doesn’t. This is how he looks. He hates half-heartedness and middling around. He is either in or out. Scorpio has no gray areas.

He is a mystery. 

Scorpio is magnetic and complex. He is the Zodiac’s most mysterious sign. It is therefore difficult to paint a complete picture of him. His inner life is so complex that we rarely see it in our surface culture. It is even more difficult for Scorpios to understand him.

He is ambitious. 

All Scorpios have a sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference in the world. Scorpio needs to live a meaningful life. To feel fulfilled, he must always strive to reach new heights. Scorpio is a social climber and savvy businessman. Scorpio is a leader in any organization or group. Capricorn might be his only rival.

He is misunderstood.

 Scorpio stands apart while keeping things very secret. It is difficult to describe Scorpio. Even the things that he is most well-known for can be misinterpreted. People can project many things onto him. He’s evil, good, or twisted. There is a lot of discussion about Scorpio’s sexuality. This is often the first thing that people talk about when discussing the sign. However, the interpretations of Scorpio’s sexual nature are often misunderstandings that are based on simplified generalizations. (More on Scorpio sexuality later).

He is hypersensitive. 

Scorpio feels deeply about the world around him. Scorpio has a soft emotional core. He can sense everything about the world around him. Although he will not show it, it is possible to be a bit sensitive. He is the most sensitive and perceptive sign in the zodiac.


He is wise. 

Scorpio is able to see the everyday aspects of human life. He is able to understand people’s inner workings and their natures. He is also a spiritualist and can learn a lot from this kind of life. Scorpio can help you make the right decision or answer any important questions you may have.

He’s protective. Scorpio is protective of those he loves. Scorpio isn’t open to letting too many people close to him. However, once someone is part of his inner circle, he will do all he can for them.

He is confident. 

Because he knows his worth, he can let criticism roll off of him. He will usually accept compliments without hesitation and simply smile when he is given one. He is not an overbearing person, although he can be a bit egotistical. He isn’t without doubts. They are, however, more existential.

He is self-aware. 

Scorpio has a hyper-awareness of his own behavior and interactions with others. He can’t help but to analyze every interaction and see how it affects others. He is able to maintain a general sense of self-awareness, even when he acts out of alignment or in self sabotaging ways. Even when he acts mindlessly, he is self-aware.

He is creative. 

He leaves an impression on all people and everything he touches. His powerful emotional nature is rich and deep, which allows him to be guided. He is able to harness both the constructive and destructive energies of humanity and bring them to life. He is able to create beautiful artwork that touches people deeply.

He is curious. 

Scorpio seeks to understand the hidden nature and inner workings of all things, including the lives of others. This is due to his need for control over his environment. He needs to feel secure in his life and feel informed about the world around him. He has a keen sense of perceptiveness and strong research skills, making him an excellent detective. He can ask questions that are both clear and insightful. However, he rarely accepts the answers of others and draws his own conclusions. He will spend hours researching a topic until he has all the information. These traits can help him achieve success in life but can lead to problems. He can become obsessed with something unhealthy and let it consume him.

He doesn’t forget a thing that was done to him. 

Scorpio must be able trust others if he wants them to enter his home. He will never forget the time he was wronged. He might forgive, but he will never forget.

A Scorpio can become self-destructive when he is hurt or unhappy. 

To relieve his pain, he may resort to self destruction. Imagine a wounded Scorpion who is forced into a corner. He is ready to attack with his stinger. He might end up sinking the stinger into his own back if he doesn’t have a target or is stressed out.

He has a connection to spiritual realms and death. 

All things supernatural, occult, and mystical are all in Scorpio’s realm. Scorpio is the sign for birth, death and transformation. As a child, he is naturally drawn to mystery and the unknowable. This often makes him a spiritual aspirant. He is driven to discover the unknown. What is the greatest unknown? Death and other realms beyond our everyday existence. Although he might not be aware of it all the time, if he is presented with an otherworldly mystery, he will most likely have a strong reaction.

He isn’t expressive. 

Scorpio likes to keep his cards close to him. Scorpio hates feeling vulnerable. He is not as expressive in his personal life, even though he does some acting or theatre. This doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t capable of feeling a lot of emotions. He does, but he can control them until they are fully expressed.

Scorpio can be cautious and reserved.

 But, at his core, Scorpio has a soft, caring, and sensitive side. Scorpio hates vulnerability and showing weakness so he learns to protect himself early. Scorpio children are known for having a very intense childhood. If he was abused or neglected as a child, it can make it difficult for him later on in life to be open with others. Scorpio must feel safe in his environment and physically. This is a difficult thing for the Scorpio, who is always cautious. However, he is not the real him, no matter how cautious he appears at times. Once you get to know him, he’s a gentle giant.

Scorpio is secretive. 

Even if Scorpio has a good relationship, he still keeps some of his secrets a secret. Scorpio’s fears and feelings run so deep, it is nearly impossible to fully open up. Some of his hidden motivations may also be kept from him. He can be a thorn in the side of those closest to him, making outsiders wonder whether he is malicious. He can harbor malice, but this is not usually the case.

He is persistent. 

Scorpio, like all fixed Signs of the zodiac, is determined to achieve his goals. Scorpio is likely to experience many setbacks. Scorpio is the sign that represents transformation. Life seems to offer him growth opportunities at every opportunity. He never loses sight of the things that are important to him, no matter what the obstacles. His life is a continuous cycle of rise from the ashes, crash, and burn. He will never doubt his ability to reach his goal, even if it means he has to put off a goal for many years.


He is demanding. 

Scorpio can be very demanding. He demands a lot from people. He may not always live up his high standards.

He has been through many trials and tribulations. 

Scorpio wants to change. He is constantly faced with challenges that he must overcome. Each obstacle is an opportunity to learn from his mistakes and become a better person. He may sometimes resentfull of the challenges, but his resistance to them will only lead to greater upheavals. Scorpio can’t escape the path of transformation. He must learn to enjoy it.

He is a passionate debater. This makes him a strong debater. When you are involved in heated discussions with Scorpios, be careful. Scorpio is an emotional, prideful being. If he feels offended, he can quickly turn from jovial into vicious. He doesn’t like to lose, or be wrong about anything. He has difficulty admitting to it (or believing it) when he’s wrong.

He enjoys being in the spotlight. 

But not often. Scorpio can switch between hiding in the shadows and shining in the spotlight depending on his mood. He instinctively knows how to charm and control a crowd. Although he is outwardly well-mannered, it can mask an intense, hidden personality beneath. He will retreat into his protective shell and avoid the spotlight if he loses control or sense of safety.

He is a fiery personality. 

Scorpio men are stingy. He can be intense, serious, and sometimes stern. Although he keeps his cool exterior, he can be intense when threatened. Scorpios who seem to be on edge or in a corner should be avoided. Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio is more calm than the Mars-ruled Aries who quickly explode in anger. You should be able observe him closely to see when he begins to stew.

Sometimes he lacks empathy. 

Scorpio is usually an empathic friend and lover. When he is feeling low, he can become lost and unable to express the emotions that are boiling within him. He can become cold and insensitive towards his family and friends when this happens. If he’s not in the right place, he can become twisted and sadistic. He is usually supportive and caring, so it can be confusing when he becomes cold.

He is a problem solver. 

Scorpio can be a great friend and help you with any issue. Scorpio is also very honest. Scorpio is the place to go if you are tired of receiving poor advice.

He is courageous. Scorpio has a reputation for being brave on the battlefield. Scorpio is the birth sign of many war-heroes and generals. He is strategic, unafraid, and fiercely protective of his fellow soldiers. To protect those and causes important to him, he will risk his reputation and life to do so.


Scorpio Man in Love

What does it take for a Scorpio man to act in Love?

He will go deep with your love. Scorpio men will seek to see deep within your soul when they fall in love with each other. He will be interested in knowing everything about you, and even help you discover things about yourself.

He is very physical.

 Scorpios are incredibly physical lovers. He loves at all levels: body, spirit, mind. To make this happen, he must have a physical connection to you. Without intense physical intimacy, his desire to merge will be defeated. He will miss a vital aspect of the relationship if he does not have it.

He is protective.

 He wants to protect the people who are important to him and will do this at any cost. He is charming and it is a sign of his good intentions. Scorpios in love can be possessive or protective, and sometimes overprotect you from the outside world.

He is deeply loyal.

Scorpio men are rarely promiscuous when they are in love. People often mistakenly believe that Scorpios are licentious due to their sexual nature. Scorpio sex is all about deep feeling. Scorpio is a fixed sign. He tends to be unwaveringly committed once he has made his mind about someone. Scorpio is selective but he can’t let go of someone if he feels emotionally attached to them. Scorpios will stay with a partner he feels is worthy of his affections for the rest of their lives.

He is extremely sensitive to the feelings of his partner. Scorpio, a water sign, is very emotional and intuitively able to understand his partner’s feelings. He can feel what a woman feels, and how sensitive she is to her emotions, moods, and so on. He doesn’t just have a superficial understanding of women, but he has a deep and almost biological understanding.

How to Attract Scorpio Man

Learn about his personality traits. How can you seduce a Scorpion man? Learn how he thinks. You should read the characteristics at the beginning of this article several times. Don’t stop there. Continue to research the Scorpio personality. You will attract this man who is notoriously protective if you know more about him.

Be kind and genuine. 

Scorpio is averse to fakes and ingenuine. Scorpio is a deep guy who loves genuine, deep people. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors if you are used to hiding behind masks. He can see through your mask and right through you. He can read non-verbal clues quickly. You must have a positive outlook and be in touch with your inner self if you want to attract Scorpio men.

Be confident and calm. 

This is what Scorpio men love most. Confident and confident women are more likely to be successful. Scorpios love women who are confident and in control. Quiet strength is what turns Scorpio on. They can sense your aura so relax and radiate calmness.

Your feminine charms are a great way to show them off. Scorpio is typically a dominant male who is attracted towards feminine, submissive women. He will be more attracted to you the higher your sexual polarities are. He doesn’t want you to be submissive. He does not want a woman to submit to the rest, but only to him.

Let him know your power. 

Scorpio is looking for a strong partner. Scorpio is attracted to people who incite envy in others. It’s more than just about appearances. You also need to have a strong sense of humor, commanding social skills, and professional success. Anything that people like and gravitate towards. He will be more attracted to a potential partner if they inspire admiration from others. This guy will appreciate any strong aspects of your personality.

You must make sure that he is proud of you. Scorpio desires his partner to look attractive. Scorpio is a deeply spiritual man, but he still cares about physical appearances. He values a woman who takes care of herself and is in good shape. Don’t be too seductive. You can show a little cleavage and skin, but keep everything else hidden. They love the mystery. They love to see what you are like underneath. He will notice when you do your best to look your best.

Listen carefully to what he has to say, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Pay close attention to what he says, especially when he talks. You might learn something important for his psychology. Because such revelations are rare, treat anything he discloses like gold.

Tell him the truth. 

It bothers him. Are you still convinced that you can get something by him? Scorpio is a human lie detector. He will find out, even if you manage to fool him. It’s not a good look.

He is a tight-lipped Scorpio. 

Scorpio likes to keep his emotions hidden. Scorpio isn’t trying to be secretive. He just respects private matters. He might not be able to tell you how much he loves you. However, you may notice a burning energy or stare at you for longer than normal. You shouldn’t push or prod him into declaring your interest. When he is ready, he will tell you his feelings.

Let him relax. 

Scorpio can be very cautious and it can get exhausting. Help him relax a little. You need to coax him. You must make him feel loved, safe, and cared for. Show him patience and that you trust him.

Don’t try to control him.

You should not try to force him to do something he doesn’t want. He hates being controlled. He must be free to live his life as he sees fit. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not stand up for your rights. It is important to stand up for your independence and needs. It might not be something he likes, but he will appreciate it. It will make your life easier in the end.

Do not be surprised if he is hot and cold. 

He might subconsciously play games with you to see if you are open to it. He might be warm and friendly with you one day and then suddenly become distant and cold the next. These men are serious about relationships and value honesty and consistency. They also have a great sense of trust once they are in a relationship. They can also play these games early in a relationship to test the waters and your resolve. It shouldn’t be a problem. Once they become serious, their trustworthy, honest and stable side will prevail.

Do not be afraid to be unnerved.

 Scorpio is blunt and sharp. Scorpio is attracted to women who are not easily offended and can deal with any topic or taboo.

Don’t flatter his ego. 

Scorpio is aware of his worth and will not be influenced by unnecessary flattery. He doesn’t require you to praise him constantly or build him up. He is not a Leo. He will question your motives if you try to please his ego constantly.

Show yourself to him slowly. 

Scorpio is fascinated by mysteries and the unknown. Scorpio is bored by people he can understand easily. This is true for most people he meets. He is so good at understanding people. Be mysterious. You can make it a puzzle for him. You can make him curious and enticing by being vague.

Try to be a bit hard to get.

 This is a sign that Scorp doesn’t want you to care as much about him. Scorp doesn’t want an easy woman, at least not as his long-term partner. He will only give his love to someone who is worthy. He will be more impressed if your actions are calm and collected than if your body is swooning. You can delay your satisfaction and tease him. You might even be a bit mean to him. You will get him excited (in a positive way). You don’t have to make him feel rejected. He might be a bit mad or upset. He’s generally less sensitive to this sign than other signs. This could be his way of getting the motivation he needs to pursue you.

Show loyalty. 

Scorpio is a troublemaker. Scorpio’s worst fear is for someone close to him, especially a partner, to betray him. Show loyalty and honor in all aspects of your life.

Get involved in a cause. Scorpio is driven by a desire to improve society and people’s lives. Share your passions, whether they are political, social, or environmental. Because you share the same dream of making the world a better place, he will be more likely to get along with you.

Do not challenge him in public. 

Be careful if you are someone who likes to show others that you can handle a relationship. Scorpio is open to criticisms and differing opinions in private but he won’t like it when you challenge him publicly. Scorpio will not like it if you put him in a negative light. He will also resent your approval-seeking behavior. It’s fine to disagree with him in a playful manner. If he feels that you are challenging him openly in front of others, he may take it as a threat to his trust and find it difficult to fully trust you.

Tell some sexual jokes.

Scorp men like this. Scorpio has a deep sexual energy that is unaffected by his measured exterior. There is a sexual tension under all his interactions. He will be fascinated if you bring up sexuality in a humorous way. Scorpio is very interested in sex, so you can learn a lot from his reactions and any jokes or comments.

Make your environment attractive. Beautiful, appealing spaces and places are what Scorpio likes. Find a way to take Scorpio to your beautiful house. Bring him to a secret, beautiful location in your community.

To please him, don’t change who and what you are. He is looking for a partner who is honest and open about their feelings. If there is something you enjoy that he doesn’t like, or if you have an interest that’s not his, don’t be afraid to make a change. You shouldn’t be afraid of challenging him. He wants to be with a strong partner. He is not a pushover. If you have deep differences, it might not be the right thing for you. It is better to recognize this sooner than to be stuck in a relationship where you have sacrificed your core values.

He is very selective and has high standards. 

He will need a partner that fulfills his many requirements. He must be happy with their personality, their dress, their lifestyle, and how they spend their time. He will choose you if he finds something important about you. He expects his partner will respond to situations in a consistent, rational and measured manner. He dislikes indecisive and inconsistent people.

scorpio man

Ten Signs Scorpio Man Likes You

1.) His keen eyes are always looking into your face. Scorpio is a lover of mystery. Scorpio will study every move of a potential romantic partner to quickly identify them. You might feel uneasy under his gaze. His look can make you feel vulnerable and exposed. Scorpio may make you feel vulnerable and exposed if this is the case.

2.) He’s asking about you. Scorpios with a crush are obsessed. He must be able to tell you everything. Although he is usually very cautious about sharing his new obsession with you, it may slip to you that he has been looking for information about your life. When he is snooping about like this, you know that a Scorpio man has fallen for you.

3.) He is intensely focused on you. This is something you will only notice if he is open to sharing his interest. You won’t know if he doesn’t want you to. He will secretly and obsessively track you every day. He will search all social media and Google for information about you. Although he is sneaky, he will not be able to help but act suspiciously around you. He might also try to keep an eye on you. He might want to know what you are doing, where you are going, and who you’re with. Although it might seem a bit creepy at first, he is keeping an eye on you as if he is interested in you.

4.) He touches you “by chance”. Scorpio is a touch-and-feeler. You can tell if he is hovering near enough to touch your shoulder as he passes. You’ll know he was trying to be polite but he really did.

5.) He will test you. Scorpio knows precisely which buttons to press with people. Although he usually holds back, he may test some buttons by pressing them to see what happens. You shouldn’t expect him not to admit to it. You can be sure that he will act distantly, but it is likely that he loves you.

6.) He would like to spend lots of time with your. Scorpio is mostly a lonely creature. He will only be close to a few people, even if he has many friends. Scorp doesn’t like to meet new people. If he is looking for you out, it’s likely that you have caught his attention. You are lucky to have him as a friend. Show him you’re great by taking advantage of his interest.

7.) He’ll want to know all your dark, strange stories and hidden quirks.

8.) Scorpio is open to you spending time with his family and friends. Scorpio values his family and close friends, so if he wants you to join his tight-knit group, it’s likely he has grown to love you.

9.) He will share intimate details about himself with you. Scorpio attraction is evident by this behavior. Scorpios are notoriously slow to open up to people, so if he is revealing personal details to you, it’s likely he is into you. Scorpios are known for being open and honest. It’s not easy for him to open up to his close friends and family. If he’s revealing true secrets or personal information, it is almost impossible to deny his attraction for your.

10.) Scorpio secretly pines for you while treating you with destain. Scorpio may be insecure about sharing his interest. This is a way for Scorpio to examine you from afar while trying to find out where you stand. If he does this, and it seems like he is trying to protect his attraction, you can be sure that he has something for you. However, he may not know where you stand.

He might just tell you he likes your, but he may also be a bit more subtle. Scorpios will not reveal his initial attraction to you until he has gone through the full reconnaissance process (aka stalking to find out everything about you). Scorpio is not afraid to be blunt and will sometimes be too open about it. Scorpios will tell you that he likes to be around you.


Dating a Scorpio Man

He likes to be chivalrous. 

Scorpio loves a strong, independent woman. He also likes a feminine woman who is able to defer to him and enjoys being taken care of. When you are dating, don’t be afraid to let him dote. To let him open the door for you, slow down. So he can order you what you like to eat. He wants to appear powerful and in control. Help Scorpio to embrace these qualities, and he will be more attracted towards you.

Demonstrate your independence to Scorpio. Scorpio does not like to see you being dependent, especially in the beginning. Shows of weakness and dependency can turn off Scorpios. If he loves you, he will want to see you become attached. He desires your complete attention and devotion. He also desires a woman who is able to handle being on her own, making her own friends and developing her professional interests.

You must be willing to take things slowly at first. Scorpio is slow to open up. Scorpio man will not tell you everything at the beginning. Scorpio is a protective sign. He will not expose too much that could be used against him in the future. Scorpio enjoys mystery and challenge, as well as a woman he is dating. Don’t reveal too much. Scorpio is best to let him get to know you, and to take it slow. He’s quick at understanding people. It is important to be mysterious when dealing with highly perceptive people. You can confuse him, or intentionally throw him off track a little here and there. He will then go wild.

Support him in all situations.

If someone criticizes your Scorpio, always stand up for him. Don’t join with those who laugh at him. He must feel that he has the ability to trust his closest friends. Watch out for any sign that he is feeling untrusted or disengaged. Scorpio is a choice between you and him.

Let him be with his female friends. 

Scorpios are attracted to the feminine and will sometimes have more female friends than his male friends. Don’t get jealous or upset about this. Scorpio is a bit jealousy-prone. Scorpio can be extremely jealous, but he expects that his partner will not be as jealous.

He will amplify your emotions. 

Scorpio is able to sense how you feel. If you show him your negative side, he will amplify it back to you. He will reflect your love and affection by showing you his. Respect for you and your feelings will grow.

Watch out for his jealousy and possessive tendencies. Scorpios can be intensely jealous. He will often turn to his protective instincts when he feels threatened or afraid in a relationship. Scorpions can become paranoid and can even slip into aggressive or neurotic behavior. Scorpio can be very protective of you while dating and may get jealous early on in a relationship. Accept this potential in Scorpio’s nature if you can. You can be there for him if you wish. Just assure him that you are loyal to him. Let the jealousy go.

Be assertive and take control of your freedom. 

This is particularly important for those who enjoy a lot of space. Scorpio can be jealous and clingy early in a relationship. Scorpio can be controlling. With Scorpios, you must always set clear boundaries. You will be consumed by him in all ways, so ensure that you only give him what you want.

Show your Scorpio that you are emotionally loyal. 

He might forgive you for cheating on him, or he might cheat on himself just to get his physical pleasure. He values emotional loyalty and a good relationship. He needs to feel that you are reliable and there for him. Scorpio’s inner world is intense, deep, and vulnerable. Emotional reliability is essential to him feeling happy and secure in a relationship. He needs you to be fully there, and he must feel that he is in control of you emotionally.

Don’t be afraid to have sex. 

Scorpio loves things to get intense and emotional in the bedroom. Scorpio wants to destroy your body and merge with your soul. It’s an exciting ride. Let him take you. He will want to take control of your body and your soul. He will dominate you and push your sexual boundaries. You can just go with the flow as long as you aren’t made uncomfortable. Scorpion sex is powerful. You can be sure that you will experience something you won’t be able replicate with any other sign.

Make sure he isn’t playing with you. 

This tendency tends to be from Scorpios who are less trustworthy. They may still pursue a relationship if they are certain they won’t be with someone for long-term, but only with the possibility of a fling. Scorpio can still be intensely focused and can take the partner for a spin. However, he will later reveal his lack of seriousness about their relationship.

Being a Scorpion will be an intense experience. 

You won’t forget him. This intense experience with a Scorpio lover will stay with you for the rest your life.

Scorpio Man in Bed

How to sexually please a Scorpion man. You can make Scorpio happy in your bed by letting him take charge. Scorpion sex is wild. Scorpio will ravish you if you are not present and open to him. He will want to feel like the boss, so show your submissive side. Don’t show your sexual experience if you aren’t. Things will get kinky. You can satisfy those dark, taboo desires in him and he’ll fall to your knees.

Scorpio sees sex to be deeply spiritual.

Scorpio will be attracted to tantric sexuality and would love to share his experiences with you during your sexcapades.

Scorpio needs sex in order to bond deeply with his partner. 

Sex is the best way for him to achieve that. Scorpio’s sex is less about having an intimate relationship and more about orgasms.

Being with Scorpio is all about exposing your soul.

You don’t need to put on a mask, your true self is exposed. Expressions are different from what you would normally use in your everyday life. You can say and do things that you would not normally do. These are the things Scorpio is most interested in seeing from his partner. You don’t know what little, hidden idiocracies are underneath your normal demeanor.

Next, we will discuss what to do if a Scorpion man loses interest or is upset.

How to get a Scorpio Man back

Reassert him of his tendency to shut off after a breakup. This is not because he’s trying to be mean to your relationship, but as a protective measure. He does this to avoid vulnerability and protect himself against future disappointments and pain. This can be countered by giving him some space. Do not press too hard on him. That’s not a good look. If you have the chance to speak to him, be kind, understanding, and remind him about all the great times together.

Make him jealous. 

Scorpios are most insecure after a split. What does an insecure Scorpio do? Get jealous. He’ll probably be horrified at the thought that you are getting along with another man. This can impact his self-esteem which is something you can leverage. If you want to get him back, you can make him feel like he is the only one who has you. You will get him excited and make him want to take you back. You should be careful not to make him jealous. He might lose interest in you if you show too much.

Remind him about your reliability. 

Maybe he lost faith and trust in you. Perhaps you were untrustworthy or inconsistent at times. Maybe you were a habitual liar who told Scorpio you would act in a certain manner but didn’t actually do it. Scorpio can be very annoyed by even small inconsistencies. Remind Scorpio that you are now reliable and can help him get back on track. You can show him that you are stronger now, and that he can trust your ability to be consistent.

Don’t try to make him change. You can’t be perfect and your Scorpio man will have his faults. Did you ever make a habit of criticizing him in your relationship? You can’t force him to change if your relationship went south because of something you don’t like. You can only be true to yourself and your partner if you accept him as he is.

Show him you are independent and strong. 

Scorpio men want to know that you miss him. Maybe you got lost in your relationship. Scorpio wants you to love him and be with him. However, he doesn’t want you to become dependent. Show Scorpio that you are having fun and exploring your own world without him. This will make him more interested in you and encourage him to come back. Show him you are happy and not wallowing in pain after a breakup.

Enjoy sex with him. Sex is a way Scorpio can bond with you. Scorpio is a great partner if he’s open to getting back together with you, but not too committed. He will most likely develop feelings for you if you have sex again.


Scorpio Man: Best Matches and Compatibility

Which signs are most compatible with Scorpio? Scorpio men are most compatible with fellow earth signs and water signs.


The natives of the area work well together and form a formidable team that is built to last. Both are loyal and comfortable with their commitment. They are both ambitious, powerful, well-versed in money and enjoy planning for the long-term. Both of them value hard work and can create amazing material success together. The sexual sparks fly and everything goes well, as long as Capricorn isn’t afraid to let Scorpio rule them (both are naturally dominant).


These signs indicate that they are reserved, caring, and cautious. They are service-oriented and enjoy serving others and the society. They are also devotional and seek to develop higher spiritual expressions. These two complement each other well. The sex is amazing!


Although they have some differences, these two are complementary and not problematic. The power of Scorpio can make sensitive and soft cancers feel safe and secure, both emotionally and physically. Scorpio’s natural tendency to be loyal and eager to please keeps jealousy and nervousness away from a relationship. Both signs are able to support one another and that is crucial for a happy relationship. This is a couple that will last a lifetime.


They share a powerful, mystical connection. Scorpio is fascinated with mystery and otherworldliness. Pisces is the embodiment of an otherworldly entity. Sensitive Pisces is constantly trying to figure out how to live in the world. They might feel like they are drifting into the depths of the abyss most days. Scorpio is able to comfort and reassure Pisces while also being curious about their workings. Scorpio would like to take the lead, but Pisces prefers Scorpio to do so. Both can be great caregivers for each other. Scorpio gives sensitive Pisces a sense groundedness and safety in this world. Pisces provides Scorpio a soft soul to care for as well as an embodied portal into the transcendent.

The remaining signs.

The fire signs, the air and earth signs are all gone.

Scorpio can be matched with other signs in a decent way, but not with others.

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