The Top 10 Signs and Treatments for Evil Eye

What is the Evil Eye?

Evil eye is a jealous look directed at someone that can cause misfortune, illness or severe injuries. Evil eye isn’t a superstitious belief, but a scientific principle that works on the principle thought waves. The victim’s life will be delayed or denied if a person uses negative thoughts to target another person. Human thought has the power to either make or break a society.



  • Symptom 1: 

Is there a family member who is suffering from chronic illness? It could be due to the evil eye of relatives or neighbors.

Use a white cloth to distill seawater from a can or bottle. Mix the distilled water with a small amount of cow’s urine. It should be stored in a glass bottle. The water can then be used to fill every room of the house on Tuesday, Friday, Full moon, New moon, and Full moon days. This will cure the evil eye, and any resulting illnesses.

  • Symptom 2 

Frequent sickness and loss of appetite in livestock.

The remedy: Evil eye can also affect domestic pets. Evil eye can lead to illness in cattle, dogs, lambs, and other livestock. You can remove the evil eye by washing the livestock with turmeric powder in water.

  • Symptom 3 

Are you having a difficult time with your business and not seeing the results you deserve? It could be because of the bad eye of your competitors.

Use lemon juice in a glass of water to ward off the evil eye from neighbors or business rivals. Make sure that the glass is transparent and white. Place the glass in a visible place for people who come to your home. Change the water every day. Every Saturday, take out the lemon and change it with a new one. This will prevent any negative attention from coming your way.

  • Symptom 4 

Are valuable items in your home getting damaged or lost all the time? This could be because of jealousy of expensive items in your house.

You can get rid of such evil by storing colorful stones or beads in a white bowl.

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  • Symptom 5 

Evil Eye can cause sudden illness in babies. This is common after someone has visited your home to view your newborn baby.

Remedy: Place a pinch of salt into your hand. Next, move your palm three times around the head of your baby clockwise and anticlockwise. Then, dissolve the salt in water. All the bad things that happen to baby are dissolved in water.

  • Symptom 6 

Are your children experiencing constant stomach pain? Evil eye can also cause constant stomach ache.

Use mustard to mix the sand. Apply the mixture to your child’s stomach. Apply the mixture to your children’s stomachs. This will cause the evil eye effects to be destroyed on your children.

  • Symptom 7

 You can experience misfortunes, bad luck, loss of fortune, and joblessness. These are just a few of the common evil eyes effects.

The remedy: Keeping an aquarium in your house is one of the most common and well-known ways to get rid of evil eyes. Aquariums should be kept in the Hall and placed on the south side.

  • Symptom 8 

When pregnant women leave the house, evil eye can quickly affect them. Envious thoughts can also affect their health.

Take two to three neem trees leaves with you when you go out. Keep them with your other items. Burn the neem leaves when you return home to burn the evil eye.

  • Symptom 9 

Are you a public speaker ? Are you a public speaker? This could be the result of an evil eye.

Remedy: Tie a Peepal tree (ficus religiousosa) twig in front of your home. Keep one more twig in your pocket. Break it into three pieces. This will keep the evil eye away.

  • Symptom10: Evil eyes can cause problems between husbands and wives, difficulties in school, and frequent quarrels.

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How to Fix the Evil Eye

1. A Charm to Wear

The cornuto is an Italian amulet that protects against the evil eye. This horn is a copy of an animal horn believed to be sacred to Europe’s Moon Goddess. Other keychains that protect the Italians from the evil eye, such as the mano cornuto, are also available to them.

2. The Hand Gesture Method

You can avoid the evil eye by using specific hand gestures. The mano cornuto is a hand gesture that only one hand makes. Make a fist by extending your index and pinkie finger. When doing this, make sure you point your hand down. The mano fico is another hand sign. Make a fist by sticking your thumb between your middle and index fingers.

3. The Oil Method

It is a common method used by Italians. To make it work, the person who is diagnosing the evil eyes must first drop oil into the water. The person with the evil eye is one whose oil forms an eye shape.

4. Salt Method

Sicilians often use the salt method. Salt must be scattered outside or inside the home. It is believed that evil spirits are confused by the fact that salt grains can be found in many different forms.

5. The Wax Method

You must dip the candle wax in holy water to use the wax method. Watch out for how the wax reacts to the water. It may be a sign that you have the evil eye.

6. The Touch Method

Touch therapy is another way to get rid of the evil eye. To cure the evil eye, the person responsible must touch the forehead with their hand. This is usually used to curse an adult who compliments a child.

7. Speak the Prayer

O Lord our God who is King of the Ages, omnipotent, and almighty, and who transformed into dew the sevenfold furnace and its fire at Babylon; and who also kept your three holy children safe. We beseech you and implore you to send your servant(s), a peaceful and powerful Angel, guardian (s), of soul and body, who will expel any evil intent, witchcraft, or other evil influence from them (her(them), through the prayers of the all-ble, of the Virgin Mary, of the Luminous Archangels and of the Lumino Amen.

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