Things You Need to Know About the Capricorn Man in Bed

This article will cover the intricacies of having sex with a Capricorn man.

Learn all about how he operates between the sheets.

You’ll be able to tell him what he loves and what he doesn’t like, as well as how you can satisfy him.

Let’s get started.

1. What is the Capricorn Man’s Sex Value?

Capricorn men might not be the first sign you think of when talking about sex and the bathroom. These earthy men are very sex-driven, and even lustful.

Although they are often shy, Capricorn men don’t have much of a reputation. However, underneath their detached exterior is a drive to sexual conquest. Capricorn men have a lot of sexual appetites, and they can keep up even with the most sexually driven partner.

Some Capricorn guys are obsessed with sex and will go out for sex every day if their partner is available. However, they only want sex on average 4-7 times per week.

2. What is the average length of Capricorn Men’s Sex Lust?

Capricorn, with Saturn as their ruling planet is the most patient sign of the zodiac. These men don’t rush to have sex, or leave their partner unhappy. They are committed to their mutual happiness.

These guys are usually very patient with women’s sexual desires. These guys will often enjoy slow-burning foreplay to ensure that a woman’s arousal is high before they have regular intercourse.

Quickies are not a popular choice for Cap men. If they have the time, they will indulge in them, but if time is not an issue, they would prefer a longer session of around an hour.

3. Are Capricorn Men more vanilla- or kinky-eyed?

Capricorn men can be very sexy behind closed doors, even though they appear reserved.

Capricorns are naturally dominant, so they tend to be more adventurous and experimental. Capricorns love to control the sexual dynamics, whether it is subtly or overly dominating their submissive partners.

He enjoys pushing his partner to the limit sexually. This gives him a sense of conquest that he uses in all areas of his life. Capricorn is a traditional sign, so he’s not likely to indulge in wild fantasies. His penchant for S&M tends to be somewhat controlled.

You can still propose him. You won’t have to restrain him or force him to do so.

Capricorns also enjoy bonding with their partner, but not in the same way as Cancers or Pisces. Although they aren’t as passionate about it, Capricorns do enjoy intense, slow-paced sex.

Cap men don’t like PDA. Cap men like to make natural gestures, provided it’s not too showy or used as a way of marking territory.

4. The Capricorn Man’s Turn Ons

Feeling desired by feminine energy. 

Capricorn, the “dad”, of the zodiac. He’s often turned on by his submissive partners, who bring out this polarity. He desires to feel loved and to see her willingness to submit to him intellectually and spiritually.

Security in partnership. 

Scorpios are drawn to stability and a strong, bonded relationship with their partner. He will be more open to sex if he can plan a future with a woman he loves. He’ll be more open to sexual passion if he trusts his partner and knows them well.

Straightforward, grounded lovers. 

Capricorn doesn’t like pleasantries or fluff. Capricorns prefer straight-talking and action over words. He will be more sexually motivated if he has a partner who is passionate, direct, and driven.

Practical sensuality. 

Capricorn, an earth sign is very physical. They love women who show established personhood and have a beautiful smile.

5. The Capricorn Man’s Turn Offs

Inauthentic, dramatic, or attention-seeking behaviour. 

Capricorns express themselves in a pragmatic, conservative way. Partners who are calm, calm, collected and well-presented will be able to stimulate them. Anybody who compulsively attempts to get everyone’s attention will offend his sense of class, and turn him off. He doesn’t need to be drawn by a show, he just needs to feel relaxed and respectful.

Excessive emotion. 

Capricorn men tend to be headstrong and rational. Capricorn men are not afraid to express emotions and feelings, but they won’t be with someone who is prone to crying or leaning too heavily into emotion. They will quickly lose interest in you if they are unable to cut through the emotionality of their partner and communicate with them in a rational manner.

Uncleanliness. Capricorn men tend to be clean and well-organized. He will be put off by a partner who is a bit sloppy and doesn’t have a lot of organization. If your space is messy and has laundry all over it, he will likely walk out of your home. The same goes for your overall appearance. Cap wants you to take pride in your appearance.


Capricorn men tend to be slow in sex and love. They are not happy to feel rushed or pressured to do things faster than they wish to. He will be put off by a woman who pushes him, whether verbally or physically, to go faster than he wants. He regards patience as a virtue and a woman lacking it will come across as needy or out of tune with his natural flow.

6. What are the Capricorn Man’s Top Sexual Skills?

His willingness and ability to take control.

 Capricorn men love to be in charge and to ask for their desires. Capricorn is the right choice if you prefer to let the man do the talking and relax.

His dedication to you and making sure that you are satisfied.

Capricorns will put in a lot of effort to make sure their partner has sex. To get you off, he will pay attention to the way he uses his hands, hips, and tongue.

7. Are Capricorn Men Comfortable Initiating Sexual Activities?

In most cases, yes. Some Capricorns can be extremely shy, and struggle to find enough confidence to promote sex. Capricorn, however, is a sign that instills confidence in these men.

8. Capricorn Men Are Into Casual Sex?

Capricorn men are known for their pragmatic approach to casual sexual sex. Capricorn guys won’t usually indulge in it but may be open to it if they get sexy with someone who is clearly not a good match for them long-term.

Capricorns place serious value on their sexual relationships. Capricorns are efficient-minded and often view casual sex as a waste.

A Capricorn with an emotionally-cool partner is the best way to have casual sex. It’s possible to remove any pretense and let them enjoy the moment together if they are clear and determined about their goals.

9. What is the importance of Capricorn men’s sexual environment?

Capricorn men value cleanliness and order. They won’t be caught in filthy squalor.

Capricorns are very traditional when it comes to location. Capricorns will have a preference for the bedroom but can also be drawn to other dark, romantic, quiet places.

He won’t be in public sex. He doesn’t want that type of thrill. He would likely be open to a private, outdoor sexual excursion. Camping with your partner and sharing a tent is a great idea.

10. How do Capricorn men communicate sexual needs?

Capricorn men prefer sex to be quieter, but they still want to be in the same boat.

While they will be open to discussing any sexual desires with their partner, once sex begins, they prefer to concentrate on non-verbal cues. Usually, body language, breathing, sounds and moans suffice.

While they are open to having a conversation mid-intercourse to help them track down the right course, they rarely appreciate their partner talking just for the sake of talking. They will lose their concentration and it can often cause them to feel depressed.

11. Capricorn men are big on cuddling and after-care sexually?

Capricorn men don’t tend to be overly emotional, but they are passionate about their relationships and want them to flourish.

Capricorns will likely enjoy cuddling and closeness after sex if he is having sex in intimate relationships. If he is having sex only with a close friend, he may be more distant and less likely to stay for long periods of time.


These are 11 characteristics of the Capricorn man at bed. Capricorn is a great choice if you are looking for sex with someone who is more mature, dominant, and makes you feel grounded, submissive.

A great match for mature, serious-minded women who are focused on intelligence, spirituality and self-growth, he is also very intelligent. Capricorn is not attracted to dramatic, extravagant personalities. Capricorn likes his partners to be calm, grounded, self-collected, and self-reflective.

What do you think of this list? Are there any other tips for Capricorn men sleeping in bed? Comment below to let us know your thoughts about Capricorn men in bed!