TWIN FLAMES – Origins Of Spiritual Connections

In a year when’relationship healing and honouring the harmonious interaction between all souls are key themes, it’s ‘apt timing’ that I talk about the concept of twin flames. Maybe you have never heard of twin flames or are curious about what they are. Maybe you believe you are already in a relationship with a twin flame or you want to attract one. You might have heard of twin flames but received contradicting messages about them.

Let’s dive into the energy of twin flames in today’s ALL NEW blog post. Let’s get rid of any stigma attached to this term, and let’s open the doors to the surprising origins for spiritual connection.

The Origins of the Inner and Eternal Flames

Numerous ancient texts have for millennia referred to the “spiritual light inside” as a burning essence (an everlasting spiritual flame) that can shine brighter the closer one gets towards self-enlightenment.

In all ancient cultures, there is the idea of the eternal fire, which shines through the darkness and brings life and renewal. There are hundreds of physical eternal flames that burn in cities around the world today, as symbols for the protection of the divine sanctity and life.

We can sense and feel spirit’s power flowing within us instinctively. This force of nature is interpreted as an inner flame (in a physical sense). A fire within that can be turned on or turned up depending on how close one is to igniting their inner light of truth. This isn’t a physical fire. It is an etheric one that is born from the soul’s essence.

Feeling deeply connected to your soul

 can make you feel energized, excited, stoked and pumped. These are all terms that refer to the ‘coming alive within’. Our language speaks to truths many people have forgotten. Yet, on a soul level you can remember who you are and the things you are made of. It takes only the sparking of your soul’s flame to ignite your infinite origins. This is when the idea of twin flames or’ Twinning‘ (as it’s often called) begins to emerge.

A modern revival of the ‘Twin Flames’

In the 1970’s Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote Twin Flames and Soulmates’. This book was the catalyst for the popularization of the idea of twin flames in modern society. Barbara Marciniak’s 1992 book, ‘The Bringers of The Dawn-Teachings of The Pleiadians,’ also described twin flames as ‘the males and females existing in one body regardless of whether you are physically males or females’.

In the human desire to be whole and complete, assuming this is achieved through union with another person, what has happened is that we have come to love the idea of twin flames and made it our ideal relationship. The ideal relationship that is completes us and ends all karmic cycles and brings the masculine and feminine energy flow together, is rarely, but sometimes, portrayed as a romantic relationship between two people who feel intense attraction and pull towards one another.

As I’ll explain, twin flame relationships can be formed from many soul-to-soul combinations. The ultimate purpose of “twinning” is to realize and act on your own inherent power of spirit.

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The Amplification of Soul’s Essentials
You can feel the ‘inner fire’ as an activation, an activation and a rising of energy from your major energy centers. Maybe you have experienced your soul’s light (your inner fire) ignite when witnessing the pure joy of a baby’s laughter, the stunning magnificence and beauty of a double rainbow, or the electric thrill of being in the presence the divine.

The ‘inner flame” lets you know there is a concentrated life force within that is directing your physical body as well as your life path. It shows you that is more than just the . It lets you know you are an energy being in the first place and can transform at will. It allows you to see how powerful you are innately.

Souls merging and Self-Ignition
Your spiritual light (your inner flame) can be self-ignited The closer you become to the all-loving spirit that you are, the more powerful your connection will be. It can also be ignited by experiencing the essence of another soul (another person) merging with your being, igniting your inner flame. This will make your inner light shine brighter and more radiant, and your soul essence will be balanced and enhanced.

Twin Flames

This is where the old idea of merging with atwin flame comes in. Think about the fact that you were and still are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy at the time you created and merged into the light (your soulbirth). You were, and still are, complete and whole. You then began the journey into incarnation. This journey took you to different worlds and lifetimes to better understand yourself and experience the universal all-knowing.

You’ve been challenged along the way . You have served many lifetimes in which you have remembered who you really are and used your spiritual abilities to your advantage. You’ve also served lifetimes in which you forgot who you are and have lost touch with your soul truth.

You’ve interacted with many other souls along the way, learning life lessons from each other, and promising to meet again in a future incarnation to help clear any residual repercussions from your interactions. These souls meet every day and can be sister and brother, father and son, employer and employee, and many other human roles. Sometimes you can even take on the role of best friends or romantic partners.

We call one another’soulmates‘ because we each help the other to grow and learn. Being an soulmate is a noble and compassionate position. Although soul mates can sometimes be harsh from a material standpoint, spiritual growth perspectives may show that they are just what is needed to heal and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Many people have more than one soulmate relationship. These are your primary teaching relationships.

Although very few people find a twin flame relationship, it is possible to raise our consciousness and see this happen more often. It takes a lifetime of inner work and dedication to the light to attract another soul. This will allow you to ignite your inner flame even more than it is now.

You can recognize a twin flame and feel the acceleration of your inner flame when you meet. You feel one, as you are one. It’s like being together – an amplifying of both your souls. It is a sacred and exhilarating experience. It can also be personal, a merging of your heart and soul, your personality into your soul, that ignites your inner fire. Twins are possible within you

The Phenomena of ‘Twinning


  • When you are ready to attract a twin flame, a soul on the same journey as you, one that has deeply worked upon your own evolution, and one that ignites you soul, you will know. When you are ready to fully give yourself to the experience of another person merging with yours, together (as one), you will know. When your heart and head join together, you will know when it’s time to let go of yourself fully in order to experience the twin flame illumination within.


  • The experience of two souls amplifying each other’s inner light (inner flame), is what I refer to as a ‘twinning experience. Both of you will be so connected to one another that you’ll have no need for each other. You feel at ease and at your best when you are together. You are more yourself. You feel complete and whole.


  • combined mission usually brings about the twinning energy between two deeply similar souls on a similar journey.


  • The twin flames, or twinning souls, join forces when it is convenient for them to share their light with the world.


  • An internal (self-produced), ‘twinning may also occur. This merge of head, heart, personality, and soul is possible. This experience is often preceding any physical meeting between like-minded souls who spark one another’s inner flame. If you are able to create a personal twinning experience by focusing your efforts on integrating heart and head over many years or lifetimes, you may be able to either continue with your own experience or share your light with someone else – attracting a twin fire towards them.


  • When you have a twin flame relationship, it’s an immediate and strong connection. It is possible to suddenly feel extremely optimistic about your future and life. It will be all-important to love. This is the essence of love and the source of your soul. However, it is possible to have an intimate and pure physical relationship between people who meet and ignite their inner flame.


  • After you have had atwinning experience, you will feel another as part of your own consciousness. You will begin to absorb the feminine and masculine qualities of your twin flame, which will bring you closer to inner harmony.


  • A woman who is looking for a masculine twin flame may find she starts to take on empowered masculine traits from her male or female twin. A man who seeks more femininity to balance his energies may find that he begins to take on greater feminine characteristics from his twin flame, whether he is a male or female. Twinning brings harmony, balance and comfort to the body. It also allows for ease, relaxation, exhalation, and a feeling of wholeness.

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The Body and Soul are One

When you have a twinning experience, you’ll notice physical changes in your body. This happens when the masculine and feminine energies balance, and start to harmonize your energy field. It will become clear that there is no distinction between your body and your soul. You will feel complete and whole. All of your physical and non-physical units will be at one time.

Twinning is a rare experience . Twinning is an amazing experience that can be achieved with great spiritual growth and much self-reflection . You will also benefit from the lessons you have learned. You may experience it in your lifetime. It is not always a difficult experience. It’s not a difficult experience when it happens.

A Growth Experience for the Soul
You won’t lose your individuality if you experience a connection between you and another person (or within yourself).

You’ll increase your self-awareness and understanding of yourself as a human being . You’ll have great respect for each other and for your individual paths. This is the hallmark of twin flames. They lift each other up and lift the whole world.

Deepening your connection with others
You may notice a deeper connection with others and a greater appreciation for the world around your. When you have merged your head and heart (personality, soul), and drawn to you a “twinning” (twin flame) experience, this naturally occurs.

Honouring The Holy Path of The Soul with Compassion and Love
When talk about soul, the first thing is to increase the onflow of compassion. The hallmark of a twin flame relationship, whether with yourself or another person who sparks your interest, is that your kindnesses and compassion will increase.

You will view life and interact with it from an enlightened perspective . While you will still need to work on yourself, and continue to master your path, you will be doing it faster, as you won’t accumulate negative karma. Instead of building up negative karma, your compassionate, turned on soul state will attract good karma.

This is the most important thing to hear if you don’t hear anything else in this blog post. The human mind likes to believe that there is a special person who completes you. But in reality, YOU are what completes you . While another person can love you back (twin it to yourself), the true love must come from within.

I’m sure you found this blog post inspiring, soul-affirming, and deeply inspirational. It will help you to think more deeply about your soul, human life, and personal commitment to loving and growing in the light.

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