Waking Up at 3am – The Spiritual Meaning

3am is perhaps one of the most bizarre hours of the night. It is the time the body falls into its deepest sleep, the organs and biological functions literally go to sleep, and even the body temperature drops.

Studies by Harvard Medical School establish that chances of death are highest at this time. As if to back this, medical facilities record their most deaths at 3am โ€“ 4am. On many occasions, sleeping paralysis is also said to occur at this hour too.

Unfortunately, danger does not only lurk in sleep.

Many people who get their bathroom wakeup call at this hour, have reported seeing ghosts or sensing unnatural presences. Indeed 3am โ€“ 4am also called โ€˜the witching hour,โ€™ is thought to be a time of heightened spiritual activity.

What is the witching hour?

The witching hour, devilโ€™s hour, a bewitching hour or holy hour refer to a time when blank magic is at its highest. There is a lot of debate on the exact time, but the majority of people believe it to be at 3am โ€“ 4am. It is believed that at this time:

  • The veil between humans and spirits is lifted, so spirits easily travel to our world
  • Conjurers, witches, and sorcerers are at their most powerful. It is believed this is the time they intensify their rituals and chanting to tap magical power at the maximum.
  • Ghosts come out to play
  • Demons attack
  • Telepathic messages are relayed more successfully

What is the meaning of waking up at 3am?


Oriental Perspective

The Feng Shui link hours of the day to different body parts. Waking up at a particular time thus signifies a problem with the corresponding body part or emotions associated with it.

1am โ€“ 3am is the time focused on the liver, while 3am โ€“ 5am is associated with the repair of the lungs It is believed that at this time the muscle cells are replenished by oxygenated blood.

The energy meridians of the 2 organs are associated with frustration and sadness.

Waking up at 3am may be a sign that you are too critical of yourself because you are a perfectionist. Even other people not meeting your expectations frustrate you.

It also bothers you when people are not committed to their promises. You thus find it hard to trust others.

Better self-care and emotional healing should be considered. Meditation is also a good remedy. You could also do some yoga, take a lavender oil bath, watch a comedy or read a cheerful book, before going to bed. This also helps ease feelings of depression.

Stress less, sleep better, and show up every day as the best version of yourself!:

The Christian view

It is believed that in trying to mock the Trinity, the devil uses 3 to perpetrate evil. Moreover, because Jesus died at 3pm, the same mockery makes the devil invert the 3pm to 3am when going about his business.

The term witching hour was first recorded in 1835, though it may have had its origin in the 1535s when the Catholic Church believed the time to have rampart supernatural activity due to there being no canonical prayers at this time.

When found outside without a logical explanation, women were punished for practicing witchcraft.

Christians believe this is the hour when demonic activity is at a climax.

Christianity does not condone interaction with just about any spirit in the spiritual realm because most of these have evil intentions.

If anything, save for the divine Holy Spirit, all other spirits are rebuked When you consistently wake up at a given time, the Holy Spirit may be prompting you to pray for something specific.

Many times Christians also purposely choose to pray during certain hours of the night in order to intercede for particular things.

The first thing to do when you wake up at 3am is to pray and ask God what He needs of you. He may draw you to pray for someone or something.

Seeing that this hour is perceived as being the darkest with demonic activity at an all-time high, it is important to pray for protection for you and your loved ones. 3am may actually be the time Jesus resurrected, so can also be symbolic of great deliverance.

Many people have testified of how they were awakened to pray at 3am and the witness great havoc averted from their lives the next day.

Remedies, like taking up a healthier diet, having a light dinner no later than 1900 hrs, losing weight and taking evening diuretic teas, will help reduce the strain on your body thus helping you sleep well.

The Psychic/Traditional Approach

If you find yourself picking up with an eerie feeling again and again at 3am, do not panic that you are losing your mind.

Psychics believe that waking up at this time is an indication that the universe wants to send you a message probably about your higher calling/purpose.

At any time between the middle of the night and dawn, the veil separating the physical realm from the spiritual realm thins, and beings from the spiritual realms can make a connection with those in the physical realm. This time span is known as the witching hour.

The specific times assigned to it are, however, a matter of debate. Some people think it is 1am-3am, some put it at 3am โ€“ 5am, yet others narrow it to 4am โ€“ 5am.

Because the veil is thin at this time, energies from the spiritual realm can creep into your physical world. It could be a dead loved one trying to get your attention.

Alternatively, it could be that your spirit guide wants to give you a message. The bottom line is, the spirits will keep trying to reach you at the particular hour each night. This could take a toll on your body.

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Making Contact With The Spirit

If you hope to make contact with the supernatural being waking you at 3am, here are the steps to follow:

Stay Calm

Many people report waking up at 3am, unable to move or dislodge the heavyweight pressing down their chests. This may be sleep paralysis, but could also be the minding shutting down from fear.

Thus the need to stay calm if you find yourself jolted awake at 3am.

Take deep breaths while lying on your back, and surrounding yourself with good thoughts (good energy).

This makes it easier for the spirit to make contact and send you the message. Remaining calm enables you to listen and understand better.

Being negative may attract vile spirits. In addition, over thinking or fear distracts the spirits as they are forced to work too hard to quiet your mind enough to send a clear message.

Be open to contact

Your willingness and openness to receiving a message form ghosts and spirits may actually lead to more messages in the future. You can also close off your mind to avoid their messages.

Keep a journal

Remember to always have a journal by your bedside to record the messages and symbols, and refresh your mind in the morning. Many online sites are dedicated to helping you decipher signs and symbols.

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Thank your spirit guide

Spirit guides direct and protects you from demonic spirits associated with the witching hour. Once your session ends, remember to thank your spirit guide.


Whether you believe that spirits make contact at the witching hour or that it is just sleeping patterns and the REM at play, waking up at 3am can be disorienting and phenomenal.

Take deep breaths and stay calm. Should you choose to make contact with spirits, then stay on the peaceful and safe. Evil spirits also try to pass through the veil when it is thin.