Waking Up At 4Am – What Does It Mean?

It is not unusual to wake up in the night, as the body goes through the sleep cycles, but one usually falls back asleep immediately and may not even remember about it in the morning.

However, waking up at the same time consistently and being unable to sleep immediately after could be a sign that your body is communicating something to you.

Common physical causes of this situation include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irregular blood glucose
  • Acid reflux
  • Hormone changes
  • Menopause
  • Sleep apnea
  • Thyroid problems
  • Nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Changes in body temperature

Beyond these common natural reasons for interrupted sleep, there are other reasons for habitual waking up at 4am. We will consider the meaning of this from 3 backdrops.

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Oriental Perspective

The Feng Shui link hours of the day to different body parts. Waking up at a particular time thus signifies a problem with the corresponding body part or emotions associated with it.

3am – 5am is associated with the repair of the lungs. It is believed that at this time the muscle cells are replenished by oxygenated blood.

Breathing exercises can help this process along, and also get you back to sleep. Ensure you are warm enough for the facilitation of these bodily functions.

Lungs are also linked with feelings of sadness and loss in traditional Chinese medicine. Waking up at these times, therefore, means a loss of some kind has left you feeling empty and you have not yet emotionally replenished yourself.

Meditation is a good remedy. You could also do some yoga, watch a comedy or read a cheerful book, before going to bed. This also helps ease feelings of depression.

The Christian view

Christianity does not condone interaction with just about any spirit in the spiritual realm because most of these have evil intentions.

If anything, save for the divine Holy Spirit, all other spirits are rebuked. All the same, the concept is the same.

When you consistently wake up at a given time, the Holy Spirit is prompting you to pray for something specific. Many times Christians also purposely choose to pray during certain watches in order to intercede for particular things.

In the Christian faith, the 24- hour day is divided into 8 watches of 3 hours each. There are 4 such watches during the day and 4 others at night. Each watch is significant for specific kinds of prayer. 4am falls in the last watch of the night that runs from 3am – 6am.

Christians believe that in this dawn or early morning watch evil spirits that had gone out to cause harm are returning to their bases.

It is, therefore, a time to bring divine judgments against evil programs, plans, schemes, and arbitrators.

This is the watch in which the intensity in full, of the Dayspring, shakes out the wicked. It is a time of deliverance, resurrection and declaring God’s world, for it is the watch in which Jesus walked in the water, delivering his disciples from the storm.

It is a time to pray for the release of the potential for any circumstance that has died. Indeed, it is in this watch that Israelites were released from slavery.

Therefore, when awakened at 4am command your morning and declare God’s word in your life by establishing the events of your day and through speaking God’s word and destroying everything attempting to hinder His will over your life.

In addition, general relaxing habits before your bedtime like leaving your window open for about half an hour before going to bed to provide fresh air, a tonic for quality sleep, will help you sleep well.

The Psychic/Traditional Approach

At any time between the middle of the night and dawn, the veil separating the physical realm from the spiritual realm thins, and beings from the spiritual realms can make a connection with those in the physical realm. This time span is known as the witching hour.

The specific times assigned to it are, however, a matter of debate. Some people think it is 1am-3am, some put it at 3am – 5am, yet others narrow it to 4am – 5am. We will go with the majority that includes 4am in the witching hour.

Witching hour – why the strange name?

In the olden day’s women found out at this time, when people are usually sound asleep, were believed to be performing witchcraft and would sometimes be lynched for this.

Because the veil is thin at this time, energies from the spiritual realm can creep into your physical world. It could be a dead loved one trying to get your attention. Alternatively, it could be that your spirit guide wants to give you a message.

The bottom line is, the spirits will keep trying to reach you at the particular hour each night. This could take a toll on your body.

Though disorienting to be constantly jolted awake at 4am, you can learn to embrace it, instead of loathing the interruption.

Your remedy lies in closing your eyes and meditating. In this way, you will receive the messages the spirits are trying to communicate. The mind clearing and deep breathing also helps you fall back to sleep in no time.

How to Embrace the Spiritual Awakening

For you to start sleeping through the night again, it’s important to answer the spiritual wake- up call, so you can start the journey to your spiritual potential. These are the steps to undertake in order to achieve this:

  • When jolted awake up, stay on your back. Take at least three deep, long breaths. Feel and embrace the new energy flowing through your body since it is what you need to make changes that will get you to your highest potential.
  • Next relax and close your eyes. Looking through your mind’s eye, be keen on what appears. It may initially be a number, letter, number, symbol or word. To remember this vision when you wake up in the morning, consider recording it in a dream journal.
  • Concentrate on the message given and decide to work on it message when you wake up in the morning. You should be able to fall back asleep quickly if your mind correctly absorbed the message. If not, the message has a problem. Repeat the steps.
  • The next morning, revisit the symbol and try to unravel the message. Be patient as this may take time. Meditation may help you open your mind so you comprehend the message.
  • Success in this brings you normal sleep again but if you still keep waking up then more work is in store. Be patient till you discover the complete message.

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Much as connecting with the spiritual realm is beneficial to us, especially when we get attuned to the ‘good spirits,’ the thinning of the veil comes with a lot of upheavals.

In addition to sleep disruption, you could have nightmares, chills or heat flashes, illnesses – to name just a few.

I highly recommend giving this 7-minute mindfulness program a go, it’s definitely helped me and I’m sure it will help you.