What Does Seeing The Same Number On The Clock Mean?

If fate could allow you a glimpse into the future, if you could see tomorrow and what it holds for you, what is the one thing that you would change?

Many of us go through life not knowing what tidings the next hour brings while others just cannot stand the surprises.

They prefer knowing what awaits them as they go through life. To them, there is a meaning in everything they see including the clock.

While it is true that the divine will use things around us to speak to us, it is also true that we have to be on the look-out lest we miss the signs. This means that human beings are spiritually evolving and therefore need a spiritual guide to go through life.

Each one of us has been assigned an angel to watch over us and commune with us. It is widely accepted that angels constantly communicate with us using numbers.

Angels will draw our attention to these numbers by making them appear before us from time to time and hope that we notice that we are seeing the same numbers again and again.

For instance, if you may see a number in your subconscious and next time you look at a clock you see the number again with your physical eyes. On your way out you notice it is the same number on your neighbor’s door.

The more you ignore the numbers the more likely you are to see them again until you get the hint.

Why it has to be numbers…

Wherever we go in our day to day living, we are likely to bump into numbers. They are literary everywhere – clocks, billboards, phones, doors, cars, books or papers.

Even where there are no written numbers, it is easy to come up with them by noticing the number of the things you keep coming across.

For instance, if most things you see in one day are three in number, don’t take it as a coincidence. This makes it convenient to receive messages from our angels using numbers.

It is believed that each number has a vibrational frequency that relates directly to what it communicates.

It is also possible to receive messages from our angels by deducing numbers from things of personal significance to us like

  • Birthdates
  • Anniversaries
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Age

A message that is communicated by such numbers should be listened to more closely because it is believed they give information that is more personal and pertinent.

The case of repeating number sequences is a constant subtle reminder that a divine and magical change is taking place in our lives.

Numbers show us opportunities; they give life lessons, and they order our steps with every experience that come with them.

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What various numbers mean

Have looked up at the clock and seen the same number more than once? or is it on addresses? Phone numbers? Book covers or anything else? Then be happy, your angel has come calling. Let us decode these numbers and find out what they mean.


It means you should consider initiating a new venture or start a new project.

It is more of a wakeup call, a reminder that although you are on the right track, its time you considered new ideas.


When you start seeing number two more often, take it as a sign to seek a balance in certain areas of your life. You are pushing yourself too hard in some areas of your life and neglecting others For example.

It could be the area of giving and receiving in your relationships that you need to balance


It is a sign that you have been here for too long and it is about time you considered venturing in something else, something new. Start a business, go back to class or change your career. This is because you have what it takes.


Number 4 is an indication that you should change focus and concentrate more on your family, your inner circle or your foundation. Try and touch base with your inner person and those close to you. Find out how you can make life simple for your brood entourage.


The moment you start seeing the number five over and over again, get ready for change because it is about to unfold in an area of your life that the angel may find fit. In fact, in some people, this happens when the change has already begun.


Your physical and spiritual needs are wanting. Find a way of bringing harmony into your life


You are being called forth to reflect and meditate more. Take time off your busy schedule and just reflect. You could take a retreat or even relocate if possible.


It is time for you to become prosperous and make a mark. Pursue your dream and you will overcome any obstacles that would come your way.


Have compassion for yourself. Let go of the things that are not uplifting you. They could be thoughts, people or circumstances.


Zero is a symbol of eternity and infinity. It, therefore, draws your attention to the spiritual world. Seeing zeros repeatedly calls for you to seek out the good vibe in you. Primarily zero symbolizes potential since it is the point from which all other numbers come. Zero could also stand for:

  • Possibilities
  • Eternity
  • Reflection
  • Totality

Needless to say, it is possible to also see non-sequential numbers over and over again. In such cases, one is required to separately consider the meaning of each number, and then deduce what they mean together.

Note that this must be done in consideration of what is actually going on in someone’s life.

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It’s only after we appreciate and perceive the meaning of these signs and accept that there is more than just a coincidence in them, that we experience clear communication with the angels.

I found the information shared on The New Personalized Astrology System important and interesting. It helped me better understand what my angel was telling me.

If you are not living a fulfilled life, it may be because you have not realized that you are entitled to it – the message of all numbers.